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You Can't Stop Moe Bsat

When Mohammad Bsat immigrated to Canada after spending the first 10 years of his life in Saudi Arabia, he quickly realised that sport provided a way to fit in and gain respect. This early realisation put him on a path to becoming an advocate for equal opportunity, a social-justice lawyer and a lifelong runner. Today, he's known as the founder of the Air Up There Run Crew—a BIPOC-only running club dedicated to making running more diverse.

Nike Toronto
Nike Toronto

At the core of Moe Bsat's beliefs is a simple truth: Running is for everyone. Throughout history, cultures all across the world have run to catch prey, flee predators and move from place to place. But eventually, running became a sport reserved for the chosen few. So, he started Toronto's Air Up There Run Crew, to spark a movement for disenfranchised people to reclaim running. As part of this movement, he's aiming to erase the barriers in the way of participating in the sport, from high costs and inaccessible route locations, to systemic inequalities and heteronormative expectations. So far, his efforts have led to mass participation, and have attracted hundreds of runners around Toronto to join him. And no matter how many routes or races they run together, they won't stop until they reach the ultimate finishing line—an equal and just running community.

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