Meet the Gasol Brothers

    Brothers Pau and Marc Gasol first picked up a basketball in the backyard of their grandma’s house in Sant Boi de Llobregat, a town neighbouring Barcelona. They never dreamed their backyard battles would lead them all the way to the top.

    From winning the FIBA World Championship with the Spanish National Team to becoming the first brothers to each win an NBA Championship, they never lost sight of their ultimate dream. To inspire future generations and leave an indelible legacy that is bigger than basketball.

    Dream Crazy with the Gasol Brothers

    From Crazy Dream to Reality

    Who could have dreamt that the Gasol brothers, two kids who used to share a bedroom together would eventually star in the NBA and become two of the most decorated basketball players in the world?

    But then all crazy dreams have to start somewhere—including yours.

    Dream Crazy with the Gasol Brothers

    A Never-Ending Love for the Game

    Dreams don’t stop at the hardwood. Pau and Marc have won at every level of basketball and now they’re looking to have an impact outside of the game.

    Whether it’s through the Gasol Foundation or Basquet Girona, the Gasol brothers are using their platform to inspire others to chase their crazy dreams.