Last updated: 3 July 2023
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In Partnership With Rebel Girls

Community Partners

Across the world, Nike is supporting people and communities that are helping girls on and off the pitch.

Community Partners - Nike

With the right support, anything is possible

According to Coach María del Carmen Francisco Martínez—who is part of Proyecto Cantera, a non-profit organisation who help disadvantaged girls through football—sport is key to girls achieving their goals. "Never doubt that the pitch is the space where you belong, and that we, as women, can stand out in any sport. Through sports, you can meet a lot of people who can become your friends and mentors. You can learn how to communicate, solve conflicts, be disciplined, work harder and go further, coexist, be a leader, and much more." Communities like Proyecto Cantera are ones that we support as best as we can to ensure that the next generation of girls get everything they need to succeed on and off the pitch.

Community Partners - Nike


Football is for everyone. Nike is supporting multiple initiatives in Europe that uplift girls' lives through the beautiful game. From giving refugees a communal space, to helping marginalised and vulnerable kids, to providing much-needed education to girls who are in need of it, we’re making sure that we’re there for communities who are making a difference where it counts.

Community Partners - Nike

Rest of World

We partner with projects across the whole world, helping girls to get into the game and elevating their playtime. Whether it’s providing opportunities for self-expression by combining football with poetry, ensuring access to sport, or celebrating women in the Muslim community who play, there are some fantastic initiatives across the continent. And, with football’s ever-expanding popularity in that part of the world, we will continue to support these groups as they work towards their goal of making girls feel safe, seen and equal.

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Community Partners - Nike

Originally published: 3 July 2023