What to Wear to a Pool Party: 6 Nike Outfits to Have in Your Wardrobe

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Dive into summer with one (or all) of these pool party outfit ideas—just don't forget sun cream.

Last updated: 9 June 2023
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What to Wear to a Pool Party: 6 Party Outfits for Every Type of Summer Fling

For many people, summer signifies impromptu picnics in the park, countless trips to the local ice cream shop and the occasional pool party. When you get an invitation to lounge poolside all day with friends, your pool party outfit should be stylish and laid-back.

Figuring out what to wear to a pool party requires creativity beyond picking out a fun swimsuit. It requires figuring out what type of look you're going for, like tonal desert-ready separates or tropical and colourful patterns. And, there are several other clothing items needed to complete the outfit. For example, if the pool party will offer a sporty element—like a game of volleyball or pickleball—a pair of athletic shorts and a supportive swimsuit top are musts.

When it comes to accessories, choose a tote or backpack sturdy enough to hold all the essentials, from sun cream to snacks and beverages. Just pick a bag that can handle a little moisture—you don't want an epic cannonball splash to sabotage your gear.

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Before you construct a pool party outfit, though, check your weather app. Take note of any possible temperature dips that could occur post-sunset, especially if the pool you're heading to is open after dusk. Perhaps the most important styling step is to decide if the swimwear is the statement piece, or if you want to emphasise the cover-up, kicks or other (waterproof) accessories.

To protect your face and eyes from the sun's powerful rays in the middle of the day, consider wearing a bucket hat, or a moisture-wicking baseball cap, and a tinted pair of shades. That's essentially it—you're ready to recline in that lounger and unwind.

Ahead, discover six pool party outfit ideas, ranging from afternoon to nighttime swims, so that you're prepared to splash in style.

6 Nike Outfits to Wear to a Pool Party

  1. 1.6 Nike Outfits to Wear to a Pool Party

    What to Wear to a Pool Party: 6 Party Outfits for Every Type of Summer Fling

    Planning to spend more time out of the water than in it? Consider this sporty, yet bold combo: a sports bra-style swimsuit that is compressive and offers light-to-medium support in both the water and on land. The last thing you want to worry about during a game of pickleball or bumping shuttlecocks in badminton is not having proper support, especially if you're the competitive type.

    Slip on a pair of loose-fit, unlined shorts over your swimsuit bottoms to jump or jog without stressing over them slipping, for instance. If you think you'll take a dip in the pool, opt for a pair of shorts that are made from Nike's signature Dri-FIT material. Quick drying, these shorts will keep you from being distracted by a super-soggy bottom when you get back in the game.

    During the sporting events, don a pair of Nike Blazers that are equal parts supportive and on-trend.

  2. 2.For the Sweltering Hot Pool Day

    What to Wear to a Pool Party: 6 Party Outfits for Every Type of Summer Fling

    On toasty afternoons, consider going for a lifeguard-chic look. A red one- or two-piece suit with a hip pack and polarised shades effortlessly pairs for a retro-cool look. Plus, the hip pack provides a practical place to store your phone and keys while you shmooze and socialise on deck, while the sunnies keep the sun out of your eyes. Complete the look with a pair of cushiony flip-flops.

  3. 3.The Fit for the Evening Dip

    What to Wear to a Pool Party: 6 Party Outfits for Every Type of Summer Fling

    If your pool party doesn't start until after the sun has set, consider this glam pool party outfit idea. Picture this: your base-layer is a sultry Nike one-piece with asymmetrical cut-outs on the chest and along the waist.

    Show off the suit's details as you socialise poolside by skipping the top and, instead, pairing with lightweight utility cargo or workwear trousers. Finish the look with an eye-catching pair of lifestyle sneakers, like two-tone or all-white Dunks.

    If you don't plan on diving in the water, zhuzh up the outfit with a little bling. A gold necklace, hoop earrings or a selection of chunky rings, for example, can all luxe-up the look.

  4. 4.For Cooler Mornings, Maximise the Cover-Up

    What to Wear to a Pool Party: 6 Party Outfits for Every Type of Summer Fling

    If the pool party you're going to starts on the early side, be sure to dress in a way that holds off any lingering morning chilliness or sea breeze shivers. The answer? Toss on a pair of terry cloth joggers. Whether they feature a wide leg or are more of a jogger fit, joggers made from terry cloth give off a beachy vibe. Fact is, terry is the material of many beach towels.

    Complete the cosy-chic look by tossing on an oversized long-sleeve. If the day is set to heat up, opt for an off-the-shoulder or wide-neck cover-up so your friends can see your swimsuit beneath. Otherwise, a tie-dye crew neck will give your fit all the flair it needs.

    Oh, and because your toes may be cold in slides, either opt for the sock-and-sandal look or stay warm in a pair of easy-on, easy-off mules.

  5. 5.Jazz Up the Swimming Trunks

    What to Wear to a Pool Party: 6 Party Outfits for Every Type of Summer Fling

    When it comes to stellar pool party outfit ideas, you can't go wrong making the suit the statement piece.

    A pair of colour block or patterned trunks are sure to reel in the compliments. Keep the focus on your pool-friendly bottoms by throwing on a plain tee. A solid white Hydroguard shirt, for example, will balance out the whimsy of your trunks, while offering extra sun protection. Be ready for a dip in the pool with flip-flops that slide off quickly.

    Finally, bring a bag that's big enough for a Frisbee to toss while wading in the water.

  6. 6.The Full-Coverage Pool Fit

    What to Wear to a Pool Party: 6 Party Outfits for Every Type of Summer Fling

    If you're quick to burn, are trying to protect a tattoo or otherwise won't (or can't!) bare too much skin, this full-coverage look has got you, well, covered.

    Shimmy into a swimming tunic and swimming-appropriate leggings, which are as stylish as they are modest. While this getup is simply too cute to protect you from compliments—and made from chlorine-resistant material with built-in UPF 40+ properties—it will offer a layer of protection from the sun. A pair of chunky sandals and statement shades complete the look.

Words by Gabrielle Kassel

Originally published: 31 May 2023

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