The NSRL series is Nike’s performance apparel incubator — a space where the industry’s most cutting-edge sport scientists and the world’s most boundary-pushing designers come together and explore new athletic solutions.

For more than forty years, Nike has listened to athletes’ needs to inspire innovative designs. Today, Nike Sports Research Lab is analyzing athletes’ data to pinpoint problems and invent never-before-seen solutions.

The first collection in the NSRL series is laser-focused on cold-weather running. Using data collected from the Nike Run Club app, global running crews, and the World Headquarters lab, a pattern emerged: the two greatest challenges for runners are temperature regulation and visibility in low-light conditions. This collection is both the solution to these performance problems, and a glimpse into the future of sport performance.

The NSRL series is unlike any performance apparel on the market. Using globally sourced data that tracks running frequency, time of day, and the impact of weather conditions on pacing, NSRL is nothing short of a scientific creation.

Aurora Bomber

The Aurora Bomber glows brightest at night, using a glow-in-the-dark material that can hold and retain light — apply the head of a flashlight to the exterior of the jacket to draw patterns or document your latest PR.

Transform Jacket

The Transform Jacket lives up to its name, delivering an all-in-one experience with modular construction, water-resistant features, removable insulation, and a fully packable design. The jacket’s down-filled pillows can be removed and stored once your body has acclimatized, making multiple layers a thing of the past.

This running-focused NSRL collection offers a glimpse into the future of athletic innovation.