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Nike React Miler 3

Zapatillas de running para asfalto - Hombre

129,99 €

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Medium Ash/Hyper Pink/Negro/Blanco
Cerulean/Bright Spruce/Barely Green/Barely Green
Blackened Blue/Negro/Blanco/Vivid Purple

Amortiguación y comodidad, como debería ser cada carrera diaria. Las Nike React Miler 3 ofrecen suavidad cuando los pies pisan el asfalto. Hemos añadido estabilidad en el talón para ofrecer seguridad, y la tracción duradera te ayuda en las rutas cortas y largas.

  • Color mostrado: Blackened Blue/Negro/Blanco/Vivid Purple
  • Modelo: DD0490-401

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Evaluaciones (24)

4.3 Estrellas

  • Clouds on Foot

    RiLLaDeLPHia - 09 ago 2022

    What so these shoes for me is the comfortability. I wore these all day and to be honest there were times I forgot that I had gym shoes on. The react technology built in this shoe really saves this shoe from being an afterthought. The design is very mediocre. The colorway is as well. I don't really care for the material used on the uppers as it looks and feels cheap but I can tell that it is very durable. I also cycled in these and it made the 7 Mile ride a breeze! If you're looking for a good cross trainer, runner, or just a casual Aaron shoe this is a go-to for sure.

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  • Very soft on the pavement

    Juju Kuo - 08 ago 2022

    As an avid runner, the strongest feature that stands out to me is how it feels on pavement. After a run, my feet feel like I have to adjust to a regular surface with no soft and bouncy the shoe feels while in use. The color way is great, very aesthetically pleasing. Not only are these great for running, they are great for training. The multi use in these is a feature I look for when purchasing shoes.

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  • Practical Design and Subtle Beauty

    Trappadilla - 08 ago 2022

    I used this sneaker for about 3 weeks strictly for trail running / jogging. Usually on dirt. They have held up real well to this point. No major signs or wear or tear. I run about 3-4 times a week for approximately 1 hour. They have really molded to my feet quite well. After the first 2 or 3 times of wearing them there was some slight discomfort which is common as the sneakers shape to your foot. But since then I have felt nothing but comfort. The sneaker is light in weight but sturdy in design which I find perfect for trail running. Holds up well to the little rocks and loose dirt. The traction on the bottom is adequate and the interior padding is sufficient. I personally really like the color way and design of the sneaker. Gives of really good summer workout vibes. I highly recommend this sneaker to anyone who enjoys running outdoors and wants something that not only is aesthetically pleasing but also holds up to the grind.

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