Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite FG

Botas de fútbol para terreno firme

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Football Grey/Light Marine/Laser Blue/Blackened Blue
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Chlorine Blue/Marina/Laser Orange
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Descubre el prototipo de velocidad con las Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite FG. El estilo Color Block en los laterales y el antepié realza las zonas clave para regatear, pasar y chutar con precisión. La placa innovadora aporta reactividad instantánea para realizar recortes más rápidos a gran velocidad.

  • Color mostrado: Chlorine Blue/Marina/Laser Orange
  • Modelo: DJ2839-484

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Evaluaciones (15)

4.5 Estrellas

  • Amazing cleats!

    Dboiii - 21 abr 2022

    These cleats are absolutely amazing. They’re so light, and comfortable. I got a size 9 which is my common size but I’d probably recommend half a size bigger. These still fit me pretty good and didn’t rub or burn. They’re amazing and really protect your ankle. The material, design, and items included with these cleats are all very well worth it. I’m loving them and can’t wait to use them even more. Love Nike and their products, always!

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  • Super-fly Adrenaline

    Enrique - 17 abr 2022

    Right out box the Nike mercurial superfly 8 elite FG looks stunning with its sleek and sharp design ! The black and gold color way compliments the esthetic of the cleat. I’ll admit this was my first cleat with a collar on it , I was a bit skeptical about the feature but it feels like butter while playing. The one downside to this shoe for me would be the break in time, it took three playing sessions for me to break in the cleat . The back heel to be specific was my issue , maybe if the material was more broken in straight from the box this issue could have been prevented. The stud pattern on the cleat was aggressive looking but was overall a comfortable cleat. Being able to make quick cuts on the pitch . I believe this is where the shoe shines the most, I felt like I could cut and change lanes much more efficiently than other previous cleats. My overall experience was amazing and I felt an adrenaline rush as soon as I ran up and down the pitch for the first time with these on . Striking the ball felt effective due to fact that the cleat is a sock like experience , so contact with the ball felt one to one. I can’t wait to keep on using these bad boys till they can’t no more !

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  • Light Shoe, Nice Feel, Tough to Break In

    Dylan - 17 abr 2022

    The cleats are incredibly light, you really don’t feel like you’re wearing anything at first. The touch with the shoe feels good, maybe not as good as a Tiempo or a Phantom but pretty good. The back of the shoe may dig into your heel a bit at first but when the shoe gets worked in, that shouldn’t be as big of an issue. Love the look of them too.

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