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Nike Alate Trace

Sujetador deportivo de sujeción ligera con almohadilla y tirantes - Mujer

54,99 €

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Blue Tint/Blanco
Indigo Haze/Sail
Coral Chalk/Sail
Midnight Navy/Blanco

Siente seguridad durante todo el día con este sujetador deportivo Alate de sujeción ligera. La almohadilla cosida de una sola pieza ofrece una mayor protección y forma, y la tecnología de capilarización del sudor mantiene la frescura y la comodidad. El tejido Infinalon del cuerpo y los tirantes ofrece la suavidad de la seda y se estira con facilidad para ofrecer la máxima libertad de movimiento. El cuello en V redondeado del sujetador cuenta con un acabado impecable que te hará olvidar que lo llevas puesto.

  • Color mostrado: Negro/Sail
  • Modelo: DO6608-010

Talla y ajuste

  • Modelo: talla S
  • Modelo: 174cm de altura
  • Pecho: 81cm
  • Ajuste ceñido: se adapta al cuerpo
  • Sujeción ligera: tacto agradable con mucha libertad

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Método de fabricación

  • El nylon reciclado de los productos Nike empieza con una variedad de materiales, como moquetas recicladas o redes de pesca. El nylon se limpia, se clasifica y se desmenuza en virutas antes de someterse a los procesos de reciclado mecánicos o químicos para crear nuevos hilos de nylon reciclado.
  • Las prendas confeccionadas con materiales hechos a partir de nylon reciclado reducen las emisiones de carbono hasta un 50 % en comparación con el nylon virgen.
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Evaluaciones (58)

4.5 Estrellas

  • Bra da corsa

    nadias896373709 - 30 oct 2023

    Bellissimo e molto comodo, il tessuto è molto morbido e non ha elastici che comprimono. Lo consiglio a chi vuole un sostegno leggero e comodo.

  • Good product

    Rajesh179674309 - 31 ago 2023

    Very comfortable to wear. I bought it for my friend. She liked it so much.

  • Zero Separation between Ribcage and Breast = Poor Support

    Sendy947146276 - 31 ago 2023

    I wouldn't be surprised if everyone who bought this design chose it because of the striking back strap details. I certainly did! Unfortunately, while the back is indeed eye-catching, the rest of the design simply does not live up to my support expectations of a sports bra. I'm a true 6/S 34D 5'2.5" petite inverted triangle. Inverted triangle = great for modeling since our athletic shoulders mean we're walking hangers, but a headache and a half for everyday shopping, as inverted triangles make up 5% of the population, and most clothing is either made to fit apples, pears, and rectangles - as it should be - or aspiring to the idea that we're all hourglasses. Also, I went on a Nike spree last season and found their sizing so varied that I somehow ended up with three Nike pant designs each in different sizes: my usual Small, and somehow a Medium, but most surprisingly, even a Large. My 34D means top sizes automatically are a challenge. What fits my ribcage or waistband often binds my chest so severely that it's busting out of whatever I just tried to put myself in. Sports bras, of course, are even more hilarious. Inverted triangles look best in balconette bra designs though, so I always try them when I find them, and here we are. Currently wearing this bra I just tried on as I write. The front comprises of two layers, a thicker, compressing inner layer and the tech material over it. Since they're not bound together in any way aside from the seams, the outer material moves separately from the inner layer. The binding inner layer runs from seam to seam, covering the entire front. There's a very slight seam running through where an underwire normally would, which unfortunately is nowhere near as supportive as even a D would need, let alone anything more, so the fabric simply ignores that seam meant to create separation and moves over that area as it would if the seam weren't there anyway. Since the band lacks grip, the bottom edge tends to ride up. Add that to the fact that the underwire-replacing support seam does nothing, and we end up with folds of material under the sides of our breasts. I don't know about you, but that's extremely noticeable and uncomfortable for me personally, even as I sit here writing after just a few minutes of moving around a bit in one. I prefer more separation between the breasts and the ribcage, not to draw attention to the chest but to better support it. The edge-to-edge coverage of this material isn't it for me. Even if it were, though, my breasts are dying for air when my ribcage is comfortable, and my ribcage feels like it's wearing a hula hoop when my breasts are supported - essentially the usual dilemma for those 34D and up. Which is a good thing anyway. Spaghetti straps, even when doubled, aren't the most flattering on the already athletic shoulders on inverted triangles, and they tend to want to flip over and twist on themselves during movement, which tends to happen when one is wearing a sports bra. Back to the drawing board.