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Nike Air Max Dn


CHF 200

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Bianco/Pure Platinum/Summit White/Argento metallizzato
Light Orewood Brown/Light Iron Ore/Moon Particle/Phantom
Nero/Dark Smoke Grey/Antracite/Light Crimson

Dai il benvenuto alla nuova generazione della tecnologia Air. Air Max Dn integra la nostra unità Dynamic Air con sistema di tubi a doppia pressione, per offrire reattività a ogni passo. Il risultato è un design futuristico, abbastanza comodo da essere indossato tutto il giorno. Feel the Unreal.

  • Colore mostrato in foto: Bianco/Pure Platinum/Summit White/Argento metallizzato
  • Stile: FJ3145-100

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  • Questo prodotto è stato progettato in modo responsabile con materiali riciclati da scarti industriali e/o di post-consumo. Uno dei passi più importanti nel nostro percorso verso l'annullamento degli sprechi e delle emissioni di carbonio consiste nella scelta dei nostri materiali, poiché rappresentano più del 70% dell'impatto di qualsiasi prodotto. Riutilizzando plastica, filati e tessuti esistenti, riduciamo significativamente le emissioni. Il nostro obiettivo è utilizzare quanto più possibile materiali riciclati senza compromettere prestazioni, resistenza e stile.
  • Scopri di più sul percorso di Move to Zero verso zero emissioni e zero rifiuti, compreso il nostro impegno per realizzare i prodotti in modo responsabile e aiutare a proteggere il futuro dell'ambiente in cui viviamo e giochiamo.

Recensioni (38)

4.7 Stelle

  • daniel966132331 - 10 apr 2024

    Taille pied fin je me sent compressé à l'intérieur

  • Perfekt

    JackelineH846656562 - 09 apr 2024

    Ich fühle mich mit diesen Sneakern sehr wohl, die Größe ist perfekt und die von mir gewählte Farbe passt zu jeder Kleidung, die man trägt.

  • Like Air for Both Athletes and Fashionistas

    Emily F - 09 apr 2024

    These sneakers immediately became one of my top favorites. Out of all the 10 sneakers I have from Nike, this Air Max Dn pair is in my top 3 in terms of comfort. Comfort is the most important factor for me regarding shoes, and I would say this is as comfortable as Nike's other similar line of sneakers (think VaporMax and Jordan Delta). These have that "walking on air" quality to them, in a way that propels you smoothly and easily as you walk. You can stand and walk in these for hours without experiencing foot pain after. My right foot is wider than my left, which is more vulnerable to pain if wearing certain shoes, but these have a stretchy quality that hugs your feet so right they are unnoticeable. The foam provides cushion and support, and the seams do not rub against your ankle which would irritate the skin. They are lightweight and not heavy, making walking feel as if you're gliding. I think these would be suitable for a variety of foot shapes, such as wide or narrow shapes and flat or curved shapes. The Air Max Dn would be a great running shoe for both the treadmill or outside running and other activities that require you to react quickly with your feet such as boxing a heavy bag at the gym. I would also wear these for golfing and playing laser tag. You can wear these for weightlifting too, but I personally would not wear these for most leg workouts due to the sneaker's design. It has that running shoe design and is therefore not flat enough to be well-balanced to perform squats and other leg workouts. I do not know if these sneakers will be suitable for other sports as the ones I mentioned are those I regularly participate in, though I don't see why they wouldn't be great for dancing as well. The tread pattern provides enough grip for any of these activities. The material of these is nice too and it looks sporty. The layered mesh is lightweight and will be easy to clean. The mesh doesn't seem to capture and hold onto dirt easily, so wiping them clean with a damp cloth is often enough. It's breathable and does not make your feet feel hot after wearing them for hours. I've walked a lot in these on a hot day (I am based in California) and did not feel uncomfortably hot or grossly sweaty after wearing them for over 6 hours. The material of the laces has a good grip and does not seem to become untied easily. They feel durable and are of good quality. I can see these lasting for years even after wearing them for many activities, like with my other Nike sneakers. Like the VaporMax line, the materials used were recycled. Aside from the design in terms of comfort, fit, and activity suitability, these look cool and cute when paired with all sorts of outfits. They look great with flared pants or leggings, straight-cut denim jeans or shorts, tennis skirts, joggers, and gym leggings. I love the bubble design (especially under sunlight) and Nike swoosh design on the sole, and the back of the sole looks cool too. They're just incredibly versatile. I definitely want another pair in a different color. The glossy accents are reflective, which is helpful for safety and possibly for individuals with sensory sensitivities. The only thing I would change is to add a little tie or hook on the back for your finger to hold onto so that it is easier and faster to put on. They require you to loosen the laces in the upper mid area of the shoe to be able to fit in them. There's no leather to worry about creasing, but I would still take a few seconds to fit my feet in them properly. They are still easy to slip into, which could benefit individuals with limited mobility. Swapping the laces with no-tie laces could also help improve accessibility and preference.

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