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Nike HyperFuel de 710 ml

Botella de agua


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Royal juego/Blanco
Rojo universitario/Negro/Blanco

Cuando necesites un sorbo rápido durante la carrera, lleva contigo la botella de agua de 710 ml Nike HyperFuel. Con un diseño flexible y una tapa que se abre fácilmente para cubrir la válvula hermética y de flujo rápido, es fácil mantener tu hidratación dondequiera que vayas.

  • Color que se muestra: Transparente/Negro
  • Estilo: N1002652-958

Evaluaciones (5)

4.8 Estrellas

  • Great water bottle

    Amanda G Gonz - 12 jul 2023

    My son loves this water bottle, perfect for school and sports.

  • Nice water bottle

    Rj11 - 21 ago 2022

    Good quality and design. Perfect water bottle for my 9 year old to take to school and also use for sports practice. Also washes up nicely in the dishwasher.

  • 12 year boy approved!

    boimom - 11 ago 2022

    My son wanted a squeeze bottle for school. I chose this one in 32 oz because it has a spout cover. Great feature by the way! Only problem son said it kept falling out of his backpack water bottle slot. I couldn't return it so assuming it was too big...I purchased the 24 oz bottle just like! He said everytime he swings his backpack to put it on, the smaller size bottle fall out too! I'm afraid to put it inside of his backpack because even though it is supposed to be leak proof, I don't want to place it inside with his laptop! Great bottle though! I just hate it will eventually gets bursted if it keeps falling out!!!