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AIR MAX 90/1
It’s in Nike’s nature to innovate. From performance, to the way athletes connect and even on product for casual wear. This was even the case when it came time to reissue the legendary Air Max 1.

While 1987's release of the Air Max 1 was recognized as the first shoe to house visible Nike Air cushioning, its return in 1992 had the team brainstorming new ways to improve durability for everyday wear. The team’s thinking led to a new look for the iconic runner. Durability was addressed with a premium leather upper, replacing the design’s original suede and mesh construction that was initially geared for running.
The biggest and most noticeable update on the design was in the tooling. The hybrid design borrowed its tooling from one of Nike’s most impactful runners at the time, the Air Max 90. The Air bag was bigger, flex grooves were present, and it all helped evolve the icon for everyday wear.
While the shoe was updated and built for extended use, it ended up releasing only in limited units. Manufacturing numbers were said to not have exceeded a few thousand pairs, released over a short 1-2-year life cycle between 1992 and 1994. Fast forward to 2018, the hybrid design now returns, complete with its premium leather upper and striking Air Max 90 cushioning.
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