Come trasportare le scarpe quando viaggi o traslochi

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Guadagna spazio con questi consigli per organizzare le tue scarpe in scatoloni o valigie ed evitare di rovinarle inutilmente.

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Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare

Che tu stia facendo gli scatoloni per un trasloco o le valigie per un fine settimana o un lungo viaggio, trovare un modo pratico per riporre le scarpe, soprattutto quelle più ingombranti come gli stivali,

può semplificare notevolmente i preparativi. Con qualche accorgimento extra potrai mantenerle in buone condizioni ed evitare che si deformino o che possano danneggiare altri tuoi effetti personali.

Come organizzare le scarpe per un trasloco

  1. 1.Clean Out the Closet

    As you’re preparing to move, before you start packing all your shoes into boxes, consider lightening the load by donating or recycling any old footwear that you may no longer wear.

    Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare
  2. 2.Organize Your Shoes Into Categories

    By sorting shoes into groups (sandals, dress shoes, running shoes, golf shoes, boots, slippers, etc.), you’ll help make the unpacking process easier and more organized later.

    Another tip? Pack seasonal footwear together. For example, if you’re moving somewhere warm, consider packing any winter-weather shoes in the same box to skip extra unpacking and promote efficient storage.

    Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare
  3. 3.Clean Any Dirty Shoes

    Packing dirty shoes is not ideal. Dirt from one shoe can rub off onto others and damage other pairs of shoes during the moving process. If you have time to do so, it’s best to ensure your shoes are relatively clean before packing them.

    Be sure your shoes have completely dried before packing them. Packing damp shoes can cause mold or mildew to grow.

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    Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare
  4. 4.Pack Shoes Efficiently and Securely – and in Pairs

    Make sure to pack shoes in pairs to avoid the risk of losing a mate in the move. To keep shoes together, tie the laces of one shoe to the other shoe in the pair, or pack each pair together in small bags or boxes.

    For your most beloved shoes, consider packing them in the original box they came in (if you still have it) or in a small moving box. Packing shoes in their original container and stuffing them with socks or packing paper can help avoid damage and retain the shape of the shoes.

    To help protect shoes from being squished, consider layering packing paper or bubble wrap between them. Load the shoes into as many boxes as needed, making sure to sort them according to the categories you created in the second step.

    Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare
  5. 5.Label the Boxes

    Once boxes are packed, be sure to clearly label them so you know which shoes have been packed where. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to unpack.

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    Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare

Come organizzare le scarpe per un viaggio

  1. 1.Pick Out Your Luggage

    The length of your trip and purpose of your travels will help determine the type of luggage to use — and how many pairs of shoes you’ll be able to fit inside.

    Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare
  2. 2.Prep the Shoes

    As you would with packing for a move, make sure shoes are clean enough to pack in your luggage so that they won’t dirty other shoes or items of clothing. If you’re packing athletic shoes, be sure to mitigate any odors before storing them to avoid unwanted smells from attaching to other garments.

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    Once you’ve made sure your shoes are clean and completely dry, you can stuff them with socks to save space and help the shoes keep their shape while they’re packed away. As an extra measure to ensure your shoes don’t rub against clean clothes, consider wrapping them in a small bag, like a grocery bag or gallon-sized food-storage bag.

    Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare
  3. 3.Pack the Shoes

    Once the shoes are stuffed and wrapped, arrange them in the luggage so that the soles face each other, with the toe of one shoe aligned with the heel of the other. Once you’ve ensured they won’t dirty the clothes around them, you can fit clothes on top of or around the shoes to ensure you’re making the most of the space inside your bag.

    Come riporre le scarpe per traslocare e viaggiare

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