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Nike Elemental Premium

Borsa a tracolla (4 l)

CHF 35

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Geode Teal/Geode Teal/Mineral Teal

Resistente ed elegante senza rinunciare allo spazio, questa borsa a tracolla è pensata per le giornate in cui devi avere le mani libere ma hai bisogno dei tuoi oggetti indispensabili sempre a portata di mano. Pensata per contenere i tuoi oggetti indispensabili, è dotata di tracolla regolabile per un trasporto confortevole e personalizzabile.

  • Colore mostrato in foto: Polar/Polar/Nero
  • Stile: DN2557-450

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  • Per i prodotti Nike in poliestere riciclato vengono utilizzate bottiglie di plastica riciclate, che vengono pulite, triturate e convertite in pellet. A loro volta, i pellet vengono trasformati in nuovi filati di alta qualità per creare i nostri prodotti, offrendo prestazioni eccezionali con un impatto ambientale ridotto.
  • Oltre a diminuire gli sprechi, il poliestere riciclato riduce le emissioni di carbonio del 30% circa rispetto al poliestere vergine. Nike salva ogni anno una media di 1 miliardo di bottiglie di plastica da discariche e corsi d'acqua.
  • Scopri di più sul percorso di Move to Zero verso zero emissioni e zero rifiuti, compreso il nostro impegno per realizzare i prodotti in modo responsabile e aiutare a proteggere il futuro dell'ambiente in cui viviamo e giochiamo.

Recensioni (34)

4.4 Stelle

  • Practicality over aesthetics

    Nude leggings - 08 nov 2023

    The adjustable straps made it easy to get the right fit. The bag is very lightweight and seems durable. For a compact 4 Litre cross body bag, I liked the design with lots of zip pockets to separate any small items. The extended cord cats-pored on the metal zip although make it easy to grab, I feel aesthetically would look better without. As well as the translucent clear plastic elements seen on the female end of clips and on the strap, I think would look better with either the same olive colour on the male end clips, or perhaps a black colour. I feel it would make the bag look cleaner and less tacky. My favourite feature would be the practicality of the multiple pockets to store small items.

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  • The bag for all occasions

    shannan12 - 07 nov 2023

    The bag is perfect for day trips, hobbies and casual looks. Strap is durable and fastening clips are made chunky enough to look like a feature, made with translucent material. Strap is not too thick and can range from short to long. The 3 zips on the bag are robust and feel really good quality when using- no snagging or breaking! Range of different compartments, 3 with zip closures and one with single velcro fastening for a range of different storage solutions. Size is perfect for phones, tablets, passports or other items and can fit quite a lot in! I use it mostly for fishing and can fit a phone and tablet, amongst other fishing paraphernalia with ease and comfort, and trust that it won’t end up getting wet! Lovely olive green colour fabrics which has a really nice feel to it. Zips have some lovely detailed plastic fastenings that would be difficult to get off and feel really secure as well.

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  • The Nike Crossbody Bag - a great bag, both convenient and stylish

    Si - 07 nov 2023

    For me, this Crossbody Bag is a great combination of style and functionality. I’ve broken down my review into three areas: design, durability, and functionality. Design (4/5): I’m a huge Nike fan (brand loyal!) so I must admit I do love the design of the majority of products that have a Swoosh on them. The bag doesn't disappoint, excelling in design, whilst embodying the brand's signature sporty yet sleek aesthetic. The adjustable strap allows for easy customisation to your preferred length (could be crossbody or just over one shoulder if you wanted). This helps make the bag super comfortable to wear too, even for extended periods (I had it on walking around for a whole day and felt zero discomfort). I’m sure it may be available in more colours, but for me this colour green just didn’t quite work. I prefer either white or darker colours (black, navy, obsidian), with the occasional red and more of a forest green type colour. Therefore this camo green colour didn’t quite match with my other clothes/items. Additionally, it has a Velcro pocket on the back of the bag, and it felt like there was potential for it to catch and pluck your clothes, so that didn’t work for me – I feel a zip pocket on the back would have been better and more secure. Durability (5/5): The bag is really durable. It looks great but also hold up well to daily use. The zippers are sturdy and glide smoothly, and the seams are reinforced, reducing the risk of wear and tear. The bag's construction is solid, and I expect it to last for a considerable amount of time. Functionality (5/5): The bag is really practical. In all honesty I’ve never used one before, but prior to receiving this one I’d been really tempted to get one. For me, I didn’t want a Crossbody Bag that was too big, yet obviously you need it to fit things in it that would be too bulky for just your pockets, for example. This bag hits the spot: the main compartment is spacious enough for all daily essentials, including a wallet, phone, keys/car keys, and even a small tablet if you wanted. The additional zip pocket on the front and larger pocket at the back are also useful. I feel that a small zip pocket inside the main compartment could have been a useful addition. Overall (5/5): For me, the Crossbody Bag is versatile and combines convenience and style. It’s made me realise I should have got one way sooner than I did. Whilst the colour didn’t quite suit me, it's a well-rounded and durable bag that will be great for most people. I definitely recommend getting one.

    Articolo ricevuto gratuitamente o recensito nell'ambito della partecipazione a un sorteggio o concorso a premi.