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Air Jordan 1 Low

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Yüksek Puanlı
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Cherrywood Red/Beyaz/Cement Grey

İlk kez 1985'te satışa sunulan orijinal modelden ilham alan Air Jordan 1 Low, tanıdık görünen fakat her zaman yeni kalmayı başaran, sade ve klasik bir stil sunar. Her stile mükemmel uyum sağlayan ikonik tasarımıyla bu ayakkabı, her zaman şık olmanı sağlar.

  • Gösterilen Renk: Siyah/Siyah/Siyah
  • Stil: 553558-093

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İncelemeler (186)

4.8 Yıldızlar

  • Great looks/colors - Not the most comfortable shoe. Not great for wide feet

    MikeR862190481 - 27 Oca 2023

    First off, I of course love the Air Jordan 1 silhouette. It's classic. The shoes look great, the colorways are cool. They have the best rubber outsole grip/tread, it's great on city streets/subway stations. I like how low they are to the ground and low heel drop. My main problem with the current cut of the shoe (not the OG), they are pretty uncomfortable to wear. The tongue is too stiff and high, it rides into the front of the your ankle. The heel area digs into the back of your ankle when walking around all day. Something is off with the design. It's too tall and curved inwards and not plush enough. Dunks and AF1 OGs don't dig into the back of my ankles. Just normal AF1s. Also, the overall volume for your foot varies so much from colorway to colorway. I have tried on many different pairs, sometimes they are ok enough and I will use a shoe tree to stretch them out (if the upper material allows it). But sometimes there are so tight, both on the toe box width and the vertical space above your toes. No shoe tree will fix this. I get all the shoes have different materials and whatnot depending on colorway, but the variance is soo much. I would think all the shoes have the same Last design? These shoes are very tough for wide footers. Also as noted, these shoes are not very comfortable to walk in straight out the box. I get it, these don't have all the new foams and stuff. I usually stick my own orthotic insole inside them and I am good. I wish Nike would make the insoles removable and not glue them down in there! They are sometimes hard to rip out of there and it's messy with left over foam bits. Sometimes they rip out easy enough, but not most times. Please don't glue the insoles down in them!

  • Nothing But Fire

    ReedCROUCH - 20 Oca 2023

    Just fire in hand and on my feet, the colors pop for me.

  • Worth the buy

    DylanF25 - 20 Ara 2022

    love them