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Attention to detail, style and respect for the classics. Timothy Jones mastered all three. The legendary Chicago DJ known to many as Timbuck2 imprinted his stamp on the culture by elevating it at every turn. For over two decades, the hip hop wunderkind cut, scratched and transformed the landscape of the local music scene while also making his impact felt globally. Even though the world lost Jones physically in 2015 after succumbing to kidney cancer, his legacy lives on. In celebration of that legacy, a limited amount of pairs of a special edition Timbuck2 Blazer, Tim’s favorite sneaker, will be awarded to 34 lucky winners with proceeds benefitting the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. Click ‘TAKE PART’ to join the drawing through Sunday, December 23. Each drawing entry will cost $10, and the number of entries allowed per person is unlimited. You may also enter without making a donation; see Official Rules via the link on the drawing page. Winners of the ‘Timbuck2’ Drawing will be announced on Monday, December 24, 2018.

Images courtesy of RSVP Gallery.

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