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This weekend all eyes are on Charlotte, NC. The Queen City is graciously hosting the 2019 NBA All Star Weekend, welcoming guests from across the globe to experience it’s charm, hospitality and sophistication firsthand. Nowhere within Charlotte are those characteristics better exemplified than at homegrown sneaker and street wear boutique Social Status.
Founded by James Whitner of the Whitaker Group, Social Status is reinventing the rules of retail by creating an experience that prioritizes the community ahead of commerce. That mantra is truly brought to life at the Social Status House it DNA, a local residence that has been converted into a one of a kind hub for sneaker culture. Part clubhouse, part boutique, this cozy Midwood pop-up is entirely curated and operated by a team of inspired creatives, giving the place a unique and refreshingly welcoming vibe.

We stopped by to talk shop with the ambitious, young and stylish crew of Social Status House of DNA to get their perspective on sneakers, their passions and how Social Status is shaping culture of the city.

1519 Central Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28205

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