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When the gray box was brought into the mix, SB was already on the radar of many after a variety of unique designs and heavily praised collaborations. The 2003-2004 shoe box also arrived while big names such as Paul Rodriguez were brought into the mix and collaborative relationships were strengthened through iconic footwear releases.

Joining the SB roster at the height of the gray box era, P-Rod can appreciate the classic Dunk. "The dunk is an iconic shoe that brings me back to my early days of SB", he shared. ""It's something that is a classic, it gives you the feeling of heritage when you see it."
Seen above in red, Rodriguez laced up the legendary Supreme x Nike Dunk High Pro for his first-ever Nike SB print ad. The Supreme x Nike Dunk High Pro released in three colorways and would go on to become one of the most coveted styles in the gray box era.
As he reminisced on the gray box era, P-Rod also expressed appreciation for another much talked about colorway released in 2003. The Dunk Low's appeal was simple for him; "Just the way they looked. Classic", he simply stated.
The "Sea Crystal" Dunk High Pro SB was another favorite for P-Rod. After seeing a fellow team rider shred a pair of his own, P-Rod knew he had to follow suit. "I remember seeing a cover of Wieger in them, I thought they looked so dope. I had to go out and get some clips in them myself."
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