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The Air Force 1 first joined the NBA long before Rasheed Wallace made his professional debut. While he joined the league in 1995, it wasn’t until the late 90s that he began lacing up 1s night in and night out.

For Sheed, it began with simple, two-toned make-ups in classic leather to match his on-court uniforms. White/Red, Black/White and Black/Black are among the color schemes spotted on his feet when he initially brought the Air Force 1 back to the hardwood.
Shining brighter than ever on court, Sheed would eventually lace up exclusive versions featuring a full patent leather finish. These would become the most iconic iterations, eventually released in several colorways in both a high and low.
While the patent leather quickly drew everyone’s attention, it was Sheed’s own personal logo that really left a lasting impression. Seen at the heel, the “SHEED” logo is a silhouette of his legendary fade away shot we’d become familiar with throughout his storied NBA career.
Number 30 would add his own touch to the Air Force 1 every time he laced them up for on-court competition. Some nights he’d strapped them up, other nights he’d rock them strapless, or in his most iconic look, with the strap hanging off the back. Not only did his style of play help him create an identity of his own, the way he rocked his 1s helped further separate Wallace from the rest.
Wallace also saw championship glory while wearing the Air Force 1. Joining the Detroit Pistons in 2004, he’d go on to win his only NBA championship later that season while wearing player exclusive iterations of the Air Force 1.

From his early days to his most memorable moments, Rasheed Wallace remained loyal to the Air Force 1 through the end of his unforgettable career. And while he’s no longer wreaking havoc on the hardwood, Sheed will forever be one of the most beloved faces of Force.
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