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Exclusive Access on SNKRS is an invitation to access coveted product, outside of regular launches. The goal is always to reward members with access to products they’ll love. Granted, there are bad actors out there who try to game the system, and Exclusive Access has been specifically designed to take that fact into consideration. Read on to understand how Exclusive Access works, so you’re prepared and informed.

Interact with the content you’re truly interested in.

Content engagement is just one of many factors that are used to determine Exclusive Access, and these factors are used in different combinations and at different times. Trying to determine what these factors are and how to influence them (or getting a bot to tap on buttons) will not increase your chances of getting Exclusive Access.

Setting up multiple accounts could reduce the likelihood of obtaining Exclusive Access.

Setting up multiple new accounts to try and game the system may result in blocked launch access. For the best opportunity at access, engage with launches on SNKRS using one account, on one device.

There is no way to ‘tick all the boxes’ and be guaranteed Exclusive Access.

The combination of factors used to determine Exclusive Access is constantly changing. Based on the amount of product available, there is always some element of luck added to the mix. As a result, receiving Exclusive Access is never guaranteed.

Act quickly when you receive Exclusive Access.

Receiving Exclusive Access does not mean a pair is reserved for you in your size - just that you get an opportunity to purchase the product outside of general launch. To avoid your size selling out before you've purchased, have SNKRS downloaded and Push Notifications enabled so that you're the first to know when you've received Exclusive Access. Also note that Exclusive Access is only available for a limited time.

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