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Give Fresh Air

With the launch of the Air Max 1 in 1987, a revolution began. In the years since, Nike and “Air” have become synonymous while expanding its loyal following.

Although March 26, 1987, marks the beginning of the epic Air Max journey, this Air Max Day launches a new chapter focused on taking action. We know that change happens when people come together. Give Fresh Air is a rally cry to unify sneaker culture around a shared passion to ignite change. Nike and our partners in North America will create ways to give “Air” to support local organizations and champion the power of community.

Starting March 18, 2019, donate your new and gently worn sneakers at the following locations during the noted dates. Each store is partnering with a local organization to give back.

● Undefeated (LA) 3.24-3.26

● Bows and Arrows (Bay Area) 3.18-3.26

● Laced (LA) 3.18-3.26

● Likelihood (Seattle) 3.18-3.26

● Sneakersnstuff (LA) 3.26-3.28

● Bait (San Diego) 3.18-3.26

● Saint Alfred (Chicago) 3.23-3.26

● Xhibition (Shaker Heights) 3.23-3.26

● Sneaker Politics (New Orleans) 3.23-3.26

● Oneness (Louisville) 3.23-3.26

● Livestock (Toronto) 3.18-4.5

● Ubiq (Philadelphia) 3.18-4.5

● Ubiq (DC) 3.18-4.5

● Kith (Soho) 3.22-3.26

● Kith (Brooklyn) 3.22-3.26

● Concepts (NYC) 3.18-3.31

● A Ma Maniere (Atlanta) 3.18-3.26

● Social Status (Charlotte) 3.18-3.26

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