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For more than 40 years, Nike has called the greater Portland area home. Beyond centering its headquarters in the region, the company has both committed to and developed strong ties within the community. Nike extends this heritage through a new partnership with the City of Portland, including the Portland Bureau of Transportation, as the sole sponsor of the City of Portland Bike Share Program called BIKETOWN.

The BIKETOWN bikes will be primarily Nike Orange, a color that has been synonymous with Nike since 1971. However, three additional designs, inspired by the Air Max 95, Air Trainer 1 and Air Safari will also be part of the iconic set.
The Air Max 95 inspires one of the city-ready designs, as the iconic 'airmax' logo graces the basket and grey and neon hues highlight run across the frame.
The classic Air Safari, designed by Tinker Hatfield, come to life on one of the sneaker cycles, as safari print provides pop throughout the design.
Finally, the Air Trainer 1, with its chlorophyll accents and bold aesthetic, inspires the last bicycle design in the collection.
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