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Errolson Hugh’s Acronym imprint thrives on innovation and the creation of functional apparel. He approaches everything with an innovative mindset, looking for ways to improve function and, in turn, evolve everyday life. Introduced in 2015, the ACRONYM x Lunar Force 1 design made the iconic AF-1 more functional and wearable than ever before. The 2015 shoe now returns in classic fashion, refinished in the ever-iconic white-on-white color scheme.
Before its arrival, the thinking behind the innovative Force model began in 2013. While Hugh’s appreciation for the model runs deep, he approached the project from a place that not only allowed him to adjust based on pure function, but also allowed him to take risks. “It wasn't like a sacred object to us, so it kind of freed us, I think, to be a little bit more radical than we would have been otherwise,” Hugh reveals.

Such thinking allowed Hugh and his team to think without limits when it came to improving function. To evolve the icon, the team’s thoughts immediately turned their attention to improving the on and off process. “Very quickly, we started focusing in on the on and off process of the shoe, which led us to the zipper, and then the whole sort of deconstructive, rapid prototyping, punk rock methodology that happened.”
From there, the team focused on how to best position the zipper. For Hugh, it wasn’t something he wanted to try and force into the icon’s classic shape. “Rather than trying to blend the new element into the existing design, we thought to make it as distinct as possible, and that meant almost like it's an intervention into the shoe. We let it sit there as a juxtaposition, which is why the ends of the zipper stick out at the bottom and the top and why it's so raw.”
Now coming to life in the crisp, white-on-white finish, Hugh’s ACRONYM x Air Force 1 Low design is forever immortalized in the tones that made the Air Force 1 a global staple.
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