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NIKEiD has teamed up with International Girl Crew to create three unique and customizable Cortez styles. The bright and bold designs channel IGC’s globe-spanning spectrum of tastes, influences and friendships, which are rooted in pride of place but ultimately transcend location.
The three designs, inspired by New York City, Los Angeles and London, feature palettes that capture the style of each of the cities that members of International Girl Crew call home.
The Big Apple is home base for three International Girl Crew members, and a clean white leather upper popped with a jolt of neon creates a city-inspired design that's both straight-to-the-point and high impact—much like New York. IGC member Madeline Poole says of the collective and the NYC look, "Even though we’re all totally different, we’re united by creativity and self-motivation. The things that excite us and inspire us are all very similar. When we were designing the shoes, it wasn’t forced. We all have a very similar idea of what we wanted it to look and feel like—we all share a vision."
Los Angeles is a city that made the Cortez a classic. So, when NIKEiD teamed up with International Girl Crew to create a color palette for the city, L.A. natives Paloma Elsesser and Camille Garmendia insisted on channeling the laid back, varsity-inspired aesthetic of West Coast sportswear style. "Everyone thinks of this hippy aesthetic and style when they think of L.A.," says Paloma, "but it’s actually very laid back, crisp, and to the point. I didn’t want that to be diluted or modified.” For Camille, the Cortez remains an LA icon that can't be denied. "Cortez are all I wear. For me, the Nike Cortez is a huge part of my style and so central to the identity of Los Angeles."
Of the three Cortez styles created by International Girl Crew, the London design is the boldest and brightest of the bunch. Hometown girls Phoebe Lovatt and Grace Ladoja, along with London-based Sharmadean Reid, capture the British capital’s fearless style for those daring enough to pull it off. "People think of London as a grey city," says Phoebe, "but it’s so full of color and life. The London palette really embodies that."
All three International Girls Crew iD designs and city-inspired palettes are available now for a limited time.