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Air VaporMax Plus

On-Air: Paris

Matheron, a photographer, chose the Air VaporMax Plus and was inspired by the “works-in-progress” nature of construction in Paris. “There are so many wonderful buildings and places in my city, which is always moving and evolving,” she says. “I wanted the shoe to be fun and playful, that's why you can switch the Swoosh and wear the strap or not — like a shoe under construction.”

The impact of the project isn’t lost on Matheron. “It’s incredible to think that I just designed a shoe for one of the biggest brands in the world,” she says. “I kept thinking, ‘Is this really happening to me?’ It gave me a lot of confidence for my future, as I realized that anything is possible, and you shouldn’t stay in your comfort zone.”

For Matheron, the benefit of an experience like “On Air” is also about expanding one’s horizons. “‘On Air’ truly opened my perspective and allowed me to meet incredible people and travel,” she says. “I was truly amazed by how much support I received. This experience brought me new professional opportunities but also broadened my state of mind.”

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