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Air Max 97

On-Air: Seoul

Shin chose an Air Max 97 with on oversized Swoosh, and based his design on Seoul’s big, neon signs, the contrasting colors of the South Korean flag, and the flag’s central Taegeuk symbol, which represents universal balance. “There are neon signs lit up 24/7 in Seoul,” he says. “The upper is mostly black, like nighttime in the city, when the neon shines the brightest.”

Shin was ecstatic to learn that he was one of the six “On Air” winners. “I hit my desk and jumped,” he says. “I ran out of my house screaming with excitement,” he adds. He was just as happy to see the first sample of his design when he came to Nike WHQ for design sessions. “The colors on the sample came out so well from the original design,” remembers Shin.

Though Shin was inspired by the architecture and colors of his home city, he acknowledges the role of its equally vibrant residents. “The neon lights in Seoul are visible until the sun rises,” he says. “These lights and colors really represent the undying passion of people in my city.”

Disabled flag: SNKRS_flagging_enabled_example