Last updated: 3 July 2023
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Gear Up For The Game

Girls often need different products to boys when it comes to sport. We've got key tips and products that can keep her playing and enjoying the fun in a safe, comfortable and supported manner.

Football Gear for Girls - Nike

Sport Bra Basics

Sports bras are designed for play and movement. A good-fitting sports bra will make you feel comfortable and confident getting out onto the field, court, mat or wherever your sport takes you! Here’s how to find the perfect sports bra for you:

Find Your Type: Most sports bras for girls fall into two categories: light support and medium support. Light support bras are usually made of a thinner, stretchy material and have skinny straps. These bras are perfect for exercises like walking, yoga, stretching, or ballet. Medium support bras are typically thicker and have wide straps. These bras fit a little tighter and support your breasts when you do high-impact activities like running and jumping.

Measure: Wearing one of the bras you already have or just a t-shirt, use a soft tape measure and wrap it around the fullest part of your chest. Take note of this number—this is your band size and coordinates with the size of bra you'll want to try on. Nike uses a sizing chart that you can find online. Just find the measurement you took and match it to the size on the chart. For example, 73-79 cm would be a size medium.

Try It On: Pick a few styles and see how they feel. Make sure the straps and band around your back feel secure, but not too snug. The bra should fit smoothly under your arms without any gaping or bunching. Try stretching, running, and jumping to make sure you feel comfortable and supported when moving around. Then, make your purchase and get outside and play!

Football Gear for Girls - Nike

Period-Proof Wear

Did you know that 70% of girls avoid being active when on their period? Many girls are worried about leaking or have trouble finding workout clothes that they feel comfortable in. But physical activity on the days when girls have their period is super important. Exercise is proven to reduce uncomfortable symptoms like cramps, boost energy and mood and provide relief from anxiety.

Period-proof bottoms are a great way to stay active during that time of the month and feel confident while doing so! Check out Nike’s Leak Protection Biker Shorts. The sleek design will move with you while the absorbent liner acts as a secure backup to your usual form of period protection. Nike’s Dri-Fit technology whisks away sweat, keeping you dry and cool. Plus, the design includes two hidden pockets for phone or key storage. Run, dance, jump, and score without worry in these ultra-comfortable shorts.

Sports Hijab How-To

Every girl should have the tools and products that allow them to play the sports they love. And for some girls, that includes a hijab. For Muslim women, the hijab is a symbol of their religion and for many, it is a part of their daily lives. But everyday hijabs are not made for exercise. They’re looser fitting and may slip or get tangled. That’s where the Nike Sport Pro Hijab comes in.

When trying it out, style your hair in a low bun at the base of your neck. This prevents any uncomfortable bunching and ensures a smooth, easy fit. Use the straps inside to prevent slippage. They tuck just behind your ears and secure the hijab in place. Try on different sizes to find the best fit for you. Run, jump, and stretch while you're testing them out to see how it will feel when you're out on the field. On game day, tuck the hijab into the neckline or collar of your jersey so that the material doesn't get in your way. Then, play your heart out!

Football Gear for Girls - Nike

Football Boots for Her

From the surface she plays on, to the way she plays, finding the perfect boots for her game is essential for her to be at her best.

First of all, find out the surface that she's playing on. Different surfaces can affect traction and control, so it's important to find the right sole plate for the type of pitch she plays on. That's why we've created different sole plates designed to react to the specific demands of different types of pitches, helping her to always play at her best.

Secondly, take a look with her and see which boots resonate with her personality. We have plenty of colours and shapes to help her play with personality. Whether it's creative customisations, timeless black or classic leather; find the right boots to suit her style.

Remember, when it comes to kids, prioritise comfort and fit. Once she's happy, then she's ready to play.

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Football Gear for Girls - Nike

Originally published: 3 July 2023