The Best Nike Cross-Training Clothing to Wear for Your Next WOD

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Check out the best moisture-wicking, breathable gear that can endure the toughest workouts.

Last updated: 1 September 2022
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The Best Nike CrossFit Clothing

Cross-training workouts blend functional strength moves with high-intensity training. With each class being different and with a variety of demands—in any one class, you might sprint, lift, jump, squat or row—it's important to wear clothes that move with you. For example, during an AMRAP (as many reps or rounds as possible) workout, you won't want to waste time adjusting your shorts when you could squeeze in another rep.

Check out the best Nike clothing for a cross-training workout. These picks can foster a full range of motion and wick away moisture as you work up a sweat.

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1. Breathable, Quick-Drying Tank Top or T-Shirt

For those going to a cross-training gym for the first time, be prepared to sweat. A breathable, quick-drying top will help you feel cool and dry as the workout gets going. Additional features like mesh panels can also increase air flow and cool you down.

A sleeveless top tends to provide the best range of motion for upper body moves. If you decide to wear a tank top, slim-fitting tops that hug the body are convenient, as they'll stay in place for exercises like burpees. If you feel more comfortable in a loose-fitting top, make sure it's not too big, as extra fabric can get in the way.

If you opt for a short-sleeve top, go for one made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials, like Nike Dri-FIT. Similar to a tank, look for a T-shirt with a slim yet non-restrictive fit that provides freedom in the shoulders and upper arms.

2. Shorts

Bottoms are an important piece to get right for a cross-training workout. For people who run warm and want their legs to breathe, shorts may be the most comfortable.

For loose-fitting shorts, look for a pair made from a polyester-elastane blend that will be lightweight and stretchy. Shorts with an elastic waistband and adjustable drawcord will ensure you can personalise the fit. Some pairs also come with a built-in liner, which can help prevent chafing by reducing friction against the skin, while wicking away moisture.

If you prefer a snug fit, opt for a tight pair of shorts. Nike bike shorts and Nike Pro Dri-FIT training shorts for women are body-hugging and come in a range of lengths from an 8cm (approx.) inseam to an 18cm (approx.) inseam.

On the men's side, try tight compression shorts underneath a loose pair of shorts, or wear a tight pair—like the Nike Pro Dri-FIT shorts—on their own, which is designed to be more than just a base layer.

3. Leggings or Tights

If the temperature drops, or if you prefer more coverage, wear a pair of high-performance leggings or tights. Nike Dri-FIT leggings and tights help the body stay dry, cool and comfortable by maximising sweat evaporation. And they can help prevent chafing, too.

When selecting a pair to wear to the gym, make sure they pass the squat test: Do a deep squat or touch your toes while wearing them and check in the mirror to make sure the fabric doesn't stretch too thin and expose your skin or underwear.

4. Moisture-Wicking Socks

Wearing a high-quality pair of socks is an important detail. In cross training, you'll need more moisture-wicking capabilities than cotton can provide. To improve comfort, find a pair of Nike Dri-FIT training socks with extra cushion and a compression band around the arch for support.

5. High-Support Sports Bra

Intense workouts like cross training call for high-support sports bras for athletes of any breast size. Even people with a smaller chest can benefit from the features of a high-support bra while doing high-impact exercises.

Nike offers non-padded and encapsulation sports bras, all with elevated support. Encapsulation bras individually surround and support each breast, providing a natural shape and compression to reduce bounce. While some people appreciate the shaping that padding provides, others prefer a non-padded compression bra. Both options can offer high levels of support.

When beginning your search for a supportive sports bra, look for breathable materials and straps that are thick and durable. For maximum support, find a bra with adjustable straps to better customise the fit. Consider what closure type you prefer; Nike offers front-closure, back-closure and pullover sports bras.

Ultimately, whichever bra you choose, make sure you find the right fit. Check out Nike's guide: How to Measure Bra Size for a Perfect Fit.

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Words by: Hannah Singleton

Originally published: 19 May 2022

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