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4 Autumn Dinner Ideas from a Registered Dietitian


4 Autumn Dinner Ideas from a Registered Dietitian

As temperatures drop, cosy up with these delicious recipes.

The Quick Ab Workout Trainers Love

Sport & Activity

The Quick, 15-Minute Ab Workout Personal Trainers Love

Do this core strengthening routine a few times a week for a well-rounded workout.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Jumping Jacks

Sport & Activity

5 Unexpected Benefits of Star Jumps, According To Personal Trainers

From boosting your aerobic base to strengthening your hip muscles, there are several benefits of star jumps—all from just one swift movement.

The Benefits of Squash, According to a Qualified Dietitian


4 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Squash

A registered dietitian discusses the facts about the beloved vegetable.

4 Health Benefits of Pumpkin, Say Dietitians


4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pumpkin, Say Dietitians

Studies indicate this autumn-favourite food is packed with antioxidant-rich nutrients.

Is Juicing Healthy? Qualified Dietitians Explain


Is Juicing Healthy? Registered Dietitians Explain

Nutrition experts pinpoint the benefits of juicing—and debunk unbacked claims.

Is Gherkin Juice Good for You? A Dietitian Explains Its Potential Benefits


Is Pickle Juice Good for You? A Registered Dietitian Explains Potential Benefits

A registered dietitian settles the debate on if pickle juice is a remedy for muscle cramps.

How to Start Lifting Weights, According to Trainers

Sport & Activity

How to Start Weightlifting, According to Trainers

Personal trainers explain how you can start a strength training routine safely.

Why You Should Try Prenatal Yoga, According to Experts

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Is Antenatal Yoga the Workout You've Been Waiting For?

Whether you've got a different mat for every day of the week or you've never done a Sun Salutation, you'll get so much out of even a few minutes of antenatal yoga.

Can You Do Intense Workouts During Pregnancy?

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How Hard Should Your Pregnancy Workouts Really Be?

Finding that sweet spot for antenatal exercise is a bit of a balancing act. We've got you.

Why Self-massage Is the Ultimate Pre-workout Method

Health & Wellness

Why Self-massage Is the Ultimate Pre-Workout Method

Experts explain three possible benefits of self-massage before exercise.

What Are Trigger Points—And How Can They Be Treated?

Health & Wellness

What Are Trigger Points—And How Can They Be Treated?

Addressing certain tender areas could benefit your recovery and mobility.

How to Manage Exhaustion During the First Trimester, According to Experts

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Energy-Boosting Tips to Help You Manage First-Trimester Fatigue

Beyond tired? Just because it's normal doesn't mean you have to suffer through it. Our experts are here to help.

How to Find Motivation to Work Out After Having a Baby

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Overcome These Common Mental Blocks to Post-partum Training

No time, no motivation, no progress … These things will cross your mind. Here's how to reframe them and get back on track.

How to Exercise After a Miscarriage, According to Experts

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A Gentle Guide to Moving Your Body After Pregnancy Loss

Once you're ready, exercise can be a mood booster and a productive outlet for stress and grief.

How to Focus on Your Mental Health After Having a Baby

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Postnatal Mindset Advice from the Pros

Does your mental health feel like an afterthought with all the new-baby stuff to figure out? Time to tap into self-care that actually helps.

How to Get More Sleep in the Third Trimester, According to Experts

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Put Your Pregnancy Sleep Struggles to Bed

Growing a baby can wreak havoc on your Zs. Our pros have smart tips—whether it's your body or brain that's keeping you up at night.

How to Exercise Safely After a C-Section, According to Experts

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How to Safely Start Exercising After a C-Section

Serious surgery means serious considerations before you get back into a workout routine. Our expert guide can help you swap fear for confidence.

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