The Top 10 Nike Golf Gear Essentials for Beginners

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Trying a new sport requires a lot of practice and the right gear. Check out the top Nike golf essentials to get ready for your first day on the green.

Last updated: 25 March 2022
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Best Nike Golf Gear for Beginners

For new golfers, renting or purchasing a set of golf clubs and golf balls is a go-to place to start—after all, you can't hit the green without them—but there's more to golf than just the clubs and balls. To get the most out of your next round, and to stay comfortable while doing it, check out this list of essential gear for a successful first time on the course, whatever the conditions.

10 Nike Golf Essentials for Beginners

  1. 1.Golf Bag

    To carry around your clubs comfortably, whether you're riding in a golf buggy or walking the course, look for a golf bag with an anatomically correct dual strap This helps distribute the weight of the clubs for a more balanced feel on your body. Bags with water-resistant pockets can be especially useful if the weather threatens to turn. They can hold any valuables, and a rain hood can keep your clubs safe from the elements.

  2. 2.Golf Glove

    A golf glove helps protect against blisters and provides grip to prevent the golf club slipping, which is useful if your hands tend to get sweaty or if you're playing in hot and humid conditions. Nike golf gloves are made from durable, soft leather and designed to be breathable with perforations at the back of the hand.

  3. 3.Hat or Visor

    As with any outdoor sport or activity, a hat or visor will provide sun protection. When it comes to golf, sun in the eyes can also impair your game. Nike golf caps, visors and bucket hats made with sweat-wicking materials can help keep you cool and dry while rounding out your golf wardrobe. But any hat you've got in your wardrobe will work.

  4. 4.Sunglasses

    Another key accessory to reduce glare and protect from the sun is a good pair of sunglasses. Any lightweight, well-fitting favourite pair will do, and a pair with polarised lenses is even better for eliminating reflective glare from water or snow.

  5. 5.Water Bottle

    For long hours on the green, be sure to stay hydrated. A reusable water bottle can be stored easily in one of the pockets of your golf bag. Look for an insulated option to keep liquids cold and refreshing.

  6. 6.Golf Shoes

    For new golfers, bear in mind that a big part of the game is being on your feet and getting lots of steps in. The length of a regulation 18-hole course ranges from 6,200 to 7,000 yards, or approximately three to four miles. Golf shoes help support the feet with added cushioning, traction and waterproof features to keep out moisture from rain or dew.

  7. 7.Golf Top or Polo Shirt

    Before hitting the links for the day, be sure to check if the golf course has a certain dress code. Often, golf clubs require collared tops and trousers for men, and a collared top and trousers or a skirt for women. Nike golf apparel is designed to fit the needs of the sport's style, while also providing comfort and performance benefits, such as quick moisture evaporation, breathability and elasticity so you have full range of motion for your swing. For a modern take on the classic collared top, look for an option with a sleek blade collar.

  8. 8.Golf Trousers or Skirt

    Depending on the weather and course requirements, men might wear golf trousers or golf shorts for a day at the course, while women can often wear skirts, shorts or trousers. After checking on any dress code rules, choose whatever is going to feel most comfortable and breathable all day. Nike Dri-FIT styles will wick away sweat from your skin, and for a chillier day, look for bottoms made with Nike Therma-FIT technology to keep you warm. It's a good idea to have a few options to match with your golf top and the weather.

  9. 9.Belt

    Whether to complete your outfit or help keep your trousers secure during your swing, a belt is a good (yet optional) accessory to have on hand. Nike golf belts come in stretch fabric, leather and woven styles that are all designed for comfort and range of motion. Each comes with an adjustable metal buckle for a customised fit.

  10. 10.Golf Jacket

    For beginners looking to get into a regular golf routine, don't let chilly mornings or rain showers stop you from practising at the driving range. A fleece or insulated gilet or jacket will help protect you from the elements so you can focus on your golf game. Nike carries styles for every type of weather, from convertible Ripstop styles to insulated down coats with a water-repellent finish. Nike Therma-FIT styles are specifically designed to trap heat without adding bulk, so you can stay warm without lugging around a heavy jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gear Should a New Golfer Buy?

Start with a set of eight to 10 clubs, about a dozen golf balls and a comfortable golf bag for carrying it all. You may also want a comfortable and supportive pair of golf shoes and basic golf apparel to keep you cool and dry, while adhering to any golf course dress codes. On a sunny day, be sure to wear sun cream on exposed skin and stay hydrated throughout the game.

How Many Clubs Should a Beginner Carry?

Beginners can start with eight to 10 clubs as they build their skill set. If you're not ready to invest in a new set of clubs, try renting clubs first or look for used clubs to purchase at a discounted rate.

Originally published: 17 March 2022

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