Nike Forward

Move to Zero

The inaugural Nike Forward collection is made with significantly reduced carbon output compared to our traditional fleece creation. We call it Forward because that's where we're going.

Last updated: 21 September 2022
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The Way Forwards

We built Nike Forward for the futurist who honours the wisdom of worn paths.

And the kid building a spaceship in their back garden.

This is for you, for us and for everyone else. It's a futuristic material made from ultra-thin, needle-punched layers.

Our first collection is made with reduced carbon output compared to our traditional fleece creation. It's made to do more with less process energy.

Welcome to the world of Nike Forward.

Today, it's a hoodie. Tomorrow, it could be anything.

Less is More

Crafted with an ultra-futuristic and reductive needle-punching process, this collection's garments feature raw-edge pockets, exposed seams and other intentional design choices that help us generate less waste in the manufacturing process and pave the way for future circularity.

Layered Approach

Assembled from multiple ultra-thin layers, each level of Nike Forward is designed for a specific function like warmth or softness. These layers are variable and can be fine-tuned to give the material different performance benefits. For example, the inaugural collection uses a Therma-FIT ADV layer to keep you warm and cosy.

Ultra Minimal, Ultra Versatile

Nike Forward drapes in an incredibly crisp, structural way, meaning that pieces made from this futuristic material can serve as both statements and staples. Dress them up, down and all round your wardrobe—they'll shine wherever you use them.

Breaks in Over Time

Each Nike Forward garment is designed to break in as you wear it. Make plenty of memories in it—it's built to be worn to perfection.

If you take care of it, it'll take care of you too.

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