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Nike Romaleos 4

Buty do podnoszenia ciężarów

929,99 zł

Wysoko oceniane
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Czerń/Metallic Gold/Biel/Metallic Gold

Mocne i stabilne buty Nike Romaleos 4 mają podeszwę środkową zapewniającą wsparcie i szeroką płaską podeszwę zewnętrzną. Regulowane paski w obszarze śródstopia zabezpieczają stopę podczas najbardziej intensywnych treningów.

  • Prezentowany kolor: Biel/Biel/Czerń
  • Styl: CD3463-101

Rozmiar i dopasowanie

  • Rozmiar jest zaniżony, sugerujemy zamówienie produktu większego o pół rozmiaru.

Bezpłatna dostawa i zwrot

Bezpłatna standardowa dostawa dzięki członkostwu Nike.

Oceny (97)

4.7 Gwiazdki

  • Too narrow

    okanebjai - 08 mar 2024

    I’m a Nike shoes fan because the Nike shoes has a wilder cutting which fits my feet better. However this one not sure why is so narrow at the head and I couldn’t even lay my toes flat. I’ve already ordered a half size up and if I go 1 size up, it will be loose in length.

  • Absolutely brilliant

    Lee5dc74d37698249759b86f6273e5ec872 - 17 lut 2024

    These are absolutely amazing. My first pair of dedicated weightlifting shoes after training in All Stars for years and the difference in stability on squats is literally night and day. They are so planted to the ground, it's like they are glued. Rock solid and super comfortable. Everything about them is absolutely perfect, the fit of 8.5 when I wear a 9 in AS was superb. Nice and tight but not to the point of being uncomfortable. Service and delivery from Nike was spot on too, kept informed all the way up to delivery to my front door. Would highly recommend these for anyone semi-serious about training. Price was brilliant too and the quality of the trainer is great.

  • Great shoe for SOME lifters

    Sir Bradford - 02 lut 2024

    This is a great shoe - the quality, construction and durability are all fantastic! But, the heel height is 20mm, so this is very good for people that need help with additional heel flexibility to hit depth on squats. The heel was too high for me personally, it would push me forward putting more emphasis on my vastus medialis and less glutes which would basically mimic a front squat and not a back squat. I wasn't able to squat as much, and as a powerlifter - the change in heel height effected my strength. Again, great shoe for the right person but I still prefer squatting in my Metcons which have a 4mm heel lift.