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Today, we’re making an update to SNKRS Pass so you can have a better shot at securing the kicks you love at a store near you. To improve your experience, SNKRS Pass is moving away from a first-come, first-served reservation system, and instead utilizing the “Draw-like” style that is common for many SNKRS launches.

Now, like the “Draw,” you’ll be able to request a SNKRS Pass reservation during an extended window of time. Once that window closes, winners will be chosen at random, and you will then be notified of your results. This evolution in SNKRS Pass integrates bot-filtration tools — the same technology used during in-app launches to help real Members secure pairs — and further protects the integrity, fairness, and authenticity of the experience.

SNKRS Pass was originally launched in 2018, allowing Members like you to tap into the convenience of avoiding the lines and crowds that usually come with our high-heat releases via a reservation system. Through SNKRS Pass, you can reserve a pair of sneakers in your preferred size to pick up at local retailers and pay there.

The previous first-come, first-served mechanism meant that you needed to be in the app right when the Pass reservations went live and even then, there was no guarantee that you’d secure a reservation. Over time, and with the increasing popularity of sneaker releases, the difficulties in securing a Pass have become clear.

Our goal is to create experiences that are less stressful and more convenient, and we’re confident this new layer of bot-filtration, facilitated by the “Draw,” will allow for more Members like you to reserve your most sought-after pairs.

We will be slowly rolling out this new version of Pass throughout the coming weeks. To ensure that you’re able to access this newest version of SNKRS Pass, please update your app to the most current version.

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