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NYC: Three Cultures, One Pitch

Emerging Women in Film

What does football mean to you? That's the question we asked three emerging women filmmakers through a partnership with Girls in Film, a collective that empowers female-identifying creatives in the film industry. And from their communities in Lagos, London and New York City, they answered.

In "Create Yourself", 18-year-old filmmaker Aicha Cherif shows how a football team has brought together a group of girls whose families have all emigrated to the United States. Through their team, they've found strength and identity on the pitch, while remaining close to the cultures they left behind. Watch Aicha's film above.

Three Cultures, One Pitch


Aicha Cherif is a filmmaker based in New York City, and the story of being an immigrant and struggling with cultural identity is one she knows herself.

"I emigrated here when I was a year old, and I wanted to tell the stories of other young immigrant girls who are connected through football", said Aicha.

She came to the US after fleeing violence in her home country of Guinea, which has led her work to focus on women's issues and human rights. Aicha, whose grandfather played football in Guinea, plays when she can in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @aichaxc.

Three Cultures, One Pitch


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