The 8 Best Small Gifts for Men by Nike

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From watch bands to beanies, these small gift ideas will have your shopping list covered.

Last updated: 22 November 2022
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The Best Small Gifts for Men by Nike

Sometimes it's those small gifts that prove to be the most useful—and meaningful. Whether you're shopping for a relative, kid or significant other, there are plenty of options for small gifts from Nike that can fit his needs, interests and personality.

Read on for ideas on the best small gift ideas for men by Nike.

The 8 Best Small Gifts for Men by Nike

1. Nike Home Exercise Equipment

For a man who prefers his workouts at home, choose from a range of small essentials to add to his home gym. Mini resistance bands come in a pack of three—light, medium and heavy resistance.

Or, give him a pair of Nike Push-Up Grips, which include a non-slip base and soft, ergonomic handles. For the end of his workouts, he might appreciate a Nike Recovery Ball to target specific muscles in need of a massage.

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2. Nike Watch Band

If the man in your life relies on his Apple Watch, this could be an ideal time to get him a new watch band. Nike Sports Loops and Bands are made from either a breathable nylon weave or a perforated, high-performance fluoroelastomer that's soft on the skin. You can pick from a range of colours like white, navy, olive green, black or Pride colours (among others).

3. Nike Hat

Whatever the activity, there is a Nike hat to match. Maybe the guy in your life is ready for a baseball cap refresh. Or, an avid runner might appreciate a Nike Dri-FIT trail-running cap. For wintry days, pick a beanie available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

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4. Nike Sunglasses

Nike sunglasses come in a variety of styles to choose from, based on your loved one's interests. You can choose a pair of specialised running sunglasses that feature a wraparound, one-piece shield lens, or opt for a pair of lifestyle sunglasses with polarised lenses for everyday wear.

5. Nike Gloves

Here's another opportunity to pick a small gift that best matches your loved one's interests. Choose from insulated running gloves, football gloves or weightlifting gloves, among other options, to keep your dude's hands toasty whatever adventure he's on.

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6. Nike Water Bottle

A Nike water bottle is a small and simple gift that will get plenty of use. You might go for a sturdy, stainless-steel option that will stand up to a daily commute or a shaker bottle if he prefers protein powder or pre-workout supplements. Or, choose a hand-held water bottle for runners that features a small zip pocket for keys.

7. Nike Socks

Socks are a classic gift. You can pick out a pair of Nike Dri-FIT tube socks in white or tie-dye, or if the man on your shopping list likes more specialised socks, choose from ribbed running socks or cushioned training socks. Nike socks come in no-show, ankle, crew and knee-high lengths.

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8. Nike Underwear

Another go-to gift, Nike underwear is worth considering. Men's boxer briefs are made with Dri-FIT Technology to wick away moisture. Men's boxers are made from stretchy microfibre that feels smooth against the skin. Or, choose from a variety of jockstraps and undershirts.

Words by Emilia Benton

Originally published: 10 November 2022

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