The 8 Best Small Gifts for Women by Nike

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From beanies to recovery equipment, find a small gift to match her personality.

Last updated: 6 January 2024
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The Best Small Gifts for Women by Nike

Small gifts can often prove the most useful in everyday life. Whether you're shopping for a relative, child or significant other, you can find a small gift by Nike to match her needs, interests and personality.

Read on for the best small gift ideas for women by Nike.

The 8 Best Small Gifts for Women by Nike

1. Nike Beanie

One perk of cool weather is busting out a beanie. Whether she prefers a pom on top, a no-frills fisherman beanie or a colourful print, you can find a Nike beanie that answers her style needs.

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2. Nike Watch Band

If the recipient you're shopping for is rarely without her Apple Watch, this could be a good time to refresh her watch band. Nike Sport Loops and Bands are made from either a breathable nylon weave or a perforated, high-performance fluoroelastomer that's soft on the skin. You can choose from a range of colours like white, Soft Pink, black or Pride colours (among others).

3. Nike Gloves

Here is an opportunity to pick a small gift that best matches your loved one's interests. Choose from insulated gloves for running, football gloves for chilly games and training gloves for weightlifting; or give gloves for sports like American football, golf and baseball. There are also basic gloves for any cold, outdoor adventure.

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4. Nike Hair Accessories

For women who love a ponytail or top knot, extra hair bands and scrunchies are often appreciated. Opt for a six-pack of velvet and elastic bands, a large Nike bow to rep the Swoosh or a Dri-FIT head tie that will keep hair out of her face.

5. Nike Sunglasses

Nike sunglasses come in a variety of styles, based on your loved one's interests. You can pick a pair of specialised running sunglasses that feature a wraparound, one-piece shield lens or get her a pair of lifestyle sunglasses with polarised lenses for everyday wear. Alternatively, a pair of Nike blue-light-blocking glasses that will give her some relief if she spends most of her day looking at screens.

6. Nike Home Exercise Equipment

For a woman who prefers at-home workouts, choose from a range of small essentials to add to her home gym. Mini resistance bands come in a pack of three—light, medium and heavy resistance. Or, give her a Nike foam roller she can use to activate muscles before a workout and help ease sore muscles afterwards.

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7. Nike Water Bottle

A Nike water bottle is a small and simple gift that will get plenty of use. You might pick a sturdy, stainless-steel option that will stand up to a daily commute or a shaker bottle if she prefers protein powder and workout supplements. Or, choose a handheld water bottle for runners that features a small zip pocket for keys.

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8. Nike Socks

Pick socks that best match her interests—whether a pair of toeless footie socks if the woman you're shopping for practises yoga or a pair of cushioned running socks if she likes to jog. Lengths for everyday socks range from no-show to crew, as well as over-the-knee socks for football, baseball and softball.

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Words by Emilia Benton

Originally published: 16 November 2022

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