7 best Nike gift ideas for runners

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These practical presents are sure to please the runners in your life, whether they've just run their first 5K or have multiple marathons under their belt.

Last updated: 7 November 2023
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Nike's 11 Best Gift Ideas for Runners

Thinking of gift ideas for runners can be tricky because they often know exactly what they like, and there's a good chance they already have it (think: a good foam roller or waterproof earbuds). But, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of great gifts they would put to good use—especially if they're a Nike fan.

Any running enthusiast—from the newbie to the seasoned marathoner—would surely be psyched to unwrap one of the many practical gifts for runners Nike has to offer. From supportive socks that will help cushion their feet stride after stride to colourful outfits that will hype them up for their next workout, consider the below a personal gift guide for all your favourite runners.

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1. Leggings and tights for running and beyond

Whether they're going on a run or dressing like they plan to, the runners in your life are probably jumping into a pair of their favourite leggings. After all, there's no such thing as having too many pairs—and Nike has comfy, runner-friendly options for everyone on your shopping list.

Nike Go leggings, for example, are a top choice for runners. Why? Made with signature Nike Dri-FIT technology, leggings under this collection are designed to help wick away sweat as the miles add up. Not only are they compressive and supportive, coming in mid- to high-waist varieties, but they also have several pockets for keys, a phone or gels.

A pair of leggings from the Nike Zenvy Collection is another great gift option for your favourite runners, especially if they prefer leggings with a barely there feeling. Nike Zenvy leggings are ideal for cross-training days, such as hitting the elliptical or going for a leisurely hike.

2. Hats for running in all types of weather

No list of gift ideas for runners would be complete without hats. When you run under the glaring sun, a breathable cap or sweat-wicking visor is a welcome accessory. A form-fitting beanie, on the other hand, will help the runner in your life stay toasty when jogging amid a picturesque winter wonderland. Regardless of the conditions, the key is to find a hat that pulls moisture away from the skin. Look for options made with Nike Dri-FIT technology—whichever hat style you purchase, your presents will help keep your pals comfortable as they train.

3. Socks to keep their feet happy for miles

If you're gift shopping for a runner who seems to have everything, socks are never a bad idea. They may be small, but they make a big impact on the quality of a run by helping keep things like blisters and soggy feet at bay. For that reason alone, runners are unofficial sock collectors, going through multiple pairs every week.

Nike sells everything from crew to no-show socks, all of which have functional features such as arch support, sweat-wicking fabric and dirt-shielding heel tabs.

4. A top to help keep your favourite runner dry

Runners can never have too many workout clothes. For a gift that's both practical and sleek, pick up a tank top, tee or long-sleeve top crafted with Nike Dri-FIT sweat-wicking technology. Staying dry while running is important, even if it's not particularly hot where they're logging miles. The right top can keep runners comfy as they chip away at their training goals.

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5. A sports bra to keep them secure

Sure, a bra may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the best gifts for runners. But it's one of the most important things anyone with breasts can have in a workout arsenal—and having a drawer overflowing with reliable styles really comes in handy.

Do some investigating to find out which style and size are preferred. Maybe it's padded bras with adjustable straps, something with compression and a zipped front closure, or a bra with light support that goes over the head. Nike bras come in sizes XS through 4X, and there are myriad style and feature options.

6. Accessories to help them stay hydrated

Help your favourite runners hit their hydration goals on race day, rest day and beyond with Nike hydration accessories. From running vests and hydration belts to water bottles and larger jugs, there are options for every type of runner.

Stuck on which option to buy? Think about where they like to log their miles. For treadmill runners, a bottle or jug will probably make the most sense. While outdoor runners will probably want to be hands-free, making a hydration belt or gilet a more useful gift.

7. Shoes to propel them to the finishing line

Controversial statement: sneakers are one of the best gifts for runners. Yes, they can be hard to buy for someone else—but not if you know their preferred style and size. Any runner would be thrilled to get an additional pair of their favourite Nikes.

Avid marathoners and casual joggers can go through shoes quickly. The general rule of thumb is to replace running shoes every 300 to 500 miles, which means someone who logs just 15 miles a week will go through at least two pairs of shoes each year.

Even if you don't know what kicks they generally wear, it's hard to go wrong with a popular Nike style like the Invincible or Pegasus. Both lines offer comfortable trail and road models for men and women, all in eye-catching colour combos.

Words by Dana Leigh Smith

Originally published: 1 November 2023

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