Nike Forward: A Little Care Goes a Long Way

Nike Forward is a special material that appreciates special care. Wash Nike Forward garments on cold before laying them flat to dry. Take care of any piling with an electric fabric shaver.

Last updated: 20 October 2022
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If you've got your hands on a product made with Nike Forward, you already know how special it is. It's soft, lightweight and drapes incredibly uniquely—plus, its carbon footprint is an average of 75% smaller when compared to our traditional knit fleece.

Your Nike Forward is built to handle the stresses of everyday wear with ease, but its specialised construction means that it appreciates some regular rest and relaxation. To keep Nike Forward looking fresh for years to come, it's essential to keep a few simple product care concepts in mind. If you take care of it, it'll take care of you, too.

  1. Wash your Nike Forward garments in cold water. This is key to preserving the material's structure and preventing shrinkage.
  2. Lay your Nike Forward garments flat to dry. Skipping the dryer and laying your pieces flat is important to help retain shape and structure.
  3. Take care of any pilling on the material using a fabric comb or brush. Pilling is a result of Nike Forward's unique construction and it's a natural part of the material's life cycle.

Following these product care guidelines will help your Nike Forward pieces keep their staple status in your wardrobe. Plus, taking care of your clothes and using less energy in the laundry process is a plus for the planet. It's a win-win-win.

Move to Zero

Nike's Move to Zero initiative is our journey towards zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport. The inaugural Nike Forward collection helps us get there with a reduced carbon footprint of 75% on average when compared to our traditional knit fleece.

It's a big deal that will only get bigger.

Originally published: 20 October 2022

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