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Nike Air Max Bella TR 5

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Svart/Vit/Rush Pink
Barely Rose/Desert Berry/Pink Rise/Burgundy Crush
Svart/Dark Smoke Grey/Vit

Nike Air Max Bella TR 5 kombinerar Max Air-dämpningens studs och skönhet med en platt sula som ger en stabiliserande fördel när du tonar och skulpterar med vikter. Den uppdaterade designen håller foten på plats sitter så att du står stadigt och säkert under tuffa träningspass.

  • Färg som visas: Barely Rose/Desert Berry/Pink Rise/Burgundy Crush
  • Stil: DD9285-601

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Recensioner (23)

4.2 Stjärnor

  • Good Quality Shoe

    Cynthiahdz11 - 05 nov. 2022

    The shoe overall is good quality and very durable. I use them at the gym to lift weights and occasionally to run errands. They have a flat platform that helps me keep my balance and are my go to gym shoes for leg days. I wouldn’t say they are very comfortable as an everyday shoe or a walking shoe but I can last with them for a couple of hours before my felt start feeling tired. I like how my feet feel snug and secure but not tight and uncomfortable. The only thing I didn’t like about the shoe was part of the design. The strap isn’t to my liking but I do feel it support my feet so I don’t mind it too much since it is a training shoe. The shoe fulfills its purpose very well and would recommend if you’re looking for a shoe to train and lift weights.

    Produkten har erhållits utan kostnad eller recenserats som del av en utlottning/gåva.
  • Comfortable

    b9b5eff0-3bbc-4d26-a31f-5bd28a85faca - 13 sep. 2022

    I'm impressed, they're comfortable and fits true to size.

  • No good

    JaniceB299067827 - 27 juli 2022

    Schrijf je Not sure what's going on with Nike shoes lately, but I'm not a fan of the "Sock" model they use. The fabric of the shoe rubbed on my skin and the upper part folded double. The sizing was fine for me (I have thin feet) but I couldn't use my orthotics in them because I slipped out of the shoe. Even the normal sole in the shoe made me slip. It would've helped if there was an extra shoelace hole so I could tie the shoelaces higher. Now I had to tie it very tightly on top of my foot, and due to the material of the shoelaces (and the shoe itself) the shoelace kept getting looser and looser. Replacing the shoelace with a sturdier one is pretty much impossible due to the shoelace holes being sewn INTO the fabric. Not a fan.beoordeling hier. Hij moet ten minste 5 tekens lang zijn. Overweeg of je dit product zou aanbevelen en wat je er goed of niet goed aan vindt.