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Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2

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Coconut Milk/Ghost Green/Mint Foam/Cave Purple
Vit/Yellow Strike/Off Noir/Psychic Blue
Aurora Green/Chlorine Blue/Pale Ivory/Svart
Vit/Metallic Silver/Svart
Vit/Aurora Green/Washed Teal/Svart
Vit/Rush Orange/Doll/Laser Blue
Hyper Violet/Flash Crimson/Football Grey/Svart
Svart/Metallic Gold Coin/Vit

Upplev nästa nivå av snabbhet med en tävlingssko som hjälper dig att jaga nya mål och rekord.Den bidrar till en ännu skönare känsla och mer ventilation med en ny design för ovandelen.Modellen har samma responsiva dämpning och säkra stöd som hos den tidigare versionen och hjälper dig att nå ditt personbästa, oavsett om du springer 10 km eller ett maraton.

  • Färg som visas: Aurora Green/Chlorine Blue/Pale Ivory/Svart
  • Stil: CU4123-300

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Recensioner (42)

4.7 Stjärnor

  • Amazing!! My favorite Nikes ever

    2cf56159-3963-4d00-9b9c-70d4e2476f16 - 15 juni 2022

    These are the most amazing pair of Nikes I own. It’s like they took all the issues I’ve had in other shoes and said, not today fam. The cushion and bounce in these shoes is so good, I haven’t had knee issues once walking around, so that’s saying a lot. The ankle pad in the back helps my foot from feeling like it’s going to pop out of the shoe, and also helps from rubbing. There was zero “break-in” time with these, they felt perfectly conformed the first time I wore them. The knit is stretchy enough and breathable, and the design of the shoelaces keep them from untying. My only concern right now is the foam, which in Nike shoes tends to run down pretty quick. I’ve noticed I’m getting shin splints in these about a month or so in. Not sure if it’s a me problem or a shoe problem, so naturally I bought a second pair (which I wanted to do anyway, this just gave me extra reason) to find out. Anyway, I raved so much about these my boyfriend bought a pair (he is very particular with his sneakers) and he is now hooked. Please don’t ever get rid of these.

  • Short life but sweet while they last

    6067100297 - 15 juni 2022

    Gave 5 stars due to comfort and performance. I love these shoes. They have spoiled me for any others which is a shame because they wear out so quickly. I have 6 pairs which despite rotating are all torn up on the soles and compressed. At 250 a pair, it's getting harder to justify the expense

  • Most comfortable shoes every

    9a3b574e-b82b-42ca-91f4-824605b2e68a - 06 juni 2022

    perfect shoes for all causes