Nike ACG Mountain Fly 2 Low

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Branco Summit/Preto/Branco Summit/Branco Summit
Castanho Orewood claro/Light Bone/Armory Navy/Caqui

No trilho, os detalhes são muito importantes. Velozes, robustas e preparadas para o que der e vier, as ACG Mountain Fly 2 modernizadas vão ajudar-te a chegar mais longe. Para enfrentares o granito suavizado por glaciares e trilhos repletos de raízes retorcidas, reforçámos cada passada com uma biqueira revestida alargada e laterais em borracha robusta. Não tenhas receio de dar o teu máximo, porque a parte superior respirável evita o sobreaquecimento e proporciona ventilação em condições de humidade.

  • Cor apresentada: Branco Summit/Preto/Branco Summit/Branco Summit
  • Estilo: DV7903-100

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4.1 Estrelas

  • Definitely not ACG. Junk

    hpsichogios - 14/04/2024

    Back in the day ACG meant that your show was water resistant if not waterproof. I had this impression when I purchased this pair to find out that it so perforated that even rain would get your feet wet. So ACG means nothing in this shoe and if you expect any water resistance or repellency look elsewhere or buy a pair of sandals.

  • A Year of Discomfort: My Experience

    IT-Krivoshey - 30/03/2024

    Despite being my daily choice, they never reached the level of comfort I anticipated. The main issue was the persistent discomfort caused by my little toe pressing against the shoe's rubber wall. This issue persisted not just while walking, but even when simply sitting, making the experience painfully unbearable. Surprisingly, this discomfort did not ease over time, a first for me with any footwear. It's crucial to note that the size wasn't the problem; I've always worn a size 44 in Nike sneakers without issue. My plea to Nike is simple: please focus on enhancing the comfort in your next version.

  • Frustrating Sticker Woes with Nike Shoes

    Carvena1908f6f2e0c4bfab4b6b114828f5be3 - 04/02/2024

    Frustrating Sticker Woes with Nike Shoes I've been a loyal Nike customer for years, purchasing a variety of shoes ranging from running to fashion and hiking. However, one persistent issue has turned my positive experiences into frustrating ones - the nightmare of removing those super sticky stickers from the insoles. Removing the paper sticker from the fabric top insole is anything but enjoyable. The stickiness is on another level, and more often than not, remnants of the sticker remain stubbornly attached to the fabric. The recent experience was the worst yet, leaving me in a situation where my socks would frequently adhere to the sticky goo left behind. I'm all for a brand that evolves and improves, and Nike, it's high time you address this sticky situation. The insole sticker ordeal significantly dampens the overall joy of owning and wearing your shoes. Nike you believe you can do better !