Last updated: 12 July 2023
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No Pride, No Sport: Joy Run Collective

No Pride, No Sport

The LGBTQIA+ community has always been here — pushing boundaries through bold expression for innovation, and joy. We’re spotlighting the athletes* and collectives out there creating a lasting and positive impact on sport, so future generations feel worthy and capable of moving their bodies as freely as everyone else.

If you’ve not heard of the Berlin-based Joy Run Collective, then let us introduce you. Founded by Huyen (she/her) after discovering the empowering connection between running and self-confidence, this inspiring community advocates for BIPOC* and queer individuals. Their mission is to encourage more queer people to get involved with running.

This inclusive group provides a safe and accepting environment for individuals to freely embrace the joy of movement. Gaining significant momentum, Joy Run is revolutionising the running scene in Berlin, creating a space where future generations can feel secure and comfortable in their running journeys.

Joy and Community

Proud to be a part of the group, Hany (she/they) and Jarred (he/they) love how being a part of the Joy community allows them to feel represented, visible and — more than anything —free to reclaim their space in the beautiful surroundings of Berlin.

When they feel seen in a Safe Space, they feel secure. Being able to run uninhibited is something that is often taken for granted, but with Joy, fills them with a deep sense of gratitude and liberation. Running to them is more than just an action — it’s a mental journey, teaching them to stay present, listen to their bodies and disregard what others may think.

“It’s so important to claim your space in this world, but also to share the space with other people.” Hany

No Pride, No Sport: Joy Run Collective
No Pride, No Sport: Joy Run Collective
No Pride, No Sport: Joy Run Collective

Run with us

Feel inspired? Join Huyen, Hany and Jarred on a 30-minute run as they talk you through their experiences and reasons for getting into running through the Joy Run Collective.

No matter if you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or a trusted ally, be a part of the discussion — it’s never been more important to engage in these topics, to not only get the conversation going in sport but everyday life, too.

No Pride, No Sport: Joy Run Collective

Originally published: 12 July 2023