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    Nike Air
    Max Pulse

    Powered by the underground sounds of London comes a silhouette infused with an unreal sensation of Air and durable design details, now in a new color. Shop the Air Max Pulse in Cobblestone.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    Nike Air Max Terrascape 90

    Real recognises real. The Air Max 90 doesn’t seek validation because it’s proven for decades to be one solid shoe — existing in a world beyond hype.

    The secret is that it never stands still. And the Air Max Terrascape 90 is quietly changing the game with recycled materials — at least 20% by weight — and translucent accents made from Nike Grind Rubber. And that OG Air Max 90 silhouette has been updated with urban and outdoor influences, all designed to leave a lighter footprint on the world.

    Switching up the rules is something just as important to musicians Loyle Carner and Arlo Parks. Much like the spirit of Air, they both believe in making a change for the next generation, one step at a time.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    Keeping it Real

    Loyle Carner might be known for award-winning hits, but his heart also lies within the community.

    Using his passion for music, Loyle creates songs mirroring society, hoping that reflection can help make a change. A token of hope that has enough potential to make a difference.

    Get inspired and follow Loyle on Instagram.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    Find Your Truth

    Musician Arlo Park’s mindful approach to self-love and expression rings true to the spirit of Air. Finding inspiration from looking inwards, she masterfully turns her experiences growing up into honest melodies and lyrics that encourage others to stay true to themselves.

    And her music has found loyal fans. A community that she takes on her journey no matter where she’s playing around the world. Follow her unfiltered optimism on Instagram for an instant boost of positivity.

    The Evolution of Air

    An Animated Cultural History of Air Max

    What was “in the Air” when these Air Max icons were created? See what you can spot.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    1987: Air Max 1

    Inspired by the open architecture of Paris, Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield cut a small window into the Air Max 1’s midsole, making Nike Air visible for the first time.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    1990: Air Max 90

    With its stand-out side panel, the AM90 was a revolution of its own. Its original “Infrared” colorway still creates a sensation with every reissue.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    1991: Air Max 180

    Its Max Air unit wasn’t just bigger—it also wrapped all the way under the shoe. A clean, sleek design helped draw the eye straight to that 180°Air cushioning.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day
    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    1995: Air Max 95

    Our designers took inspiration from the earth’s layers for the 95’s sculptured look. This Air Max shoe was also the first to add a second visible NikeAir unit at the front foot.

    1997: Air Max 97

    The first Air Max shoe with full-length Nike Air cushioning, the 97 looks incredibly futuristic. But our designers actually took their inspiration from the natural beauty of ripples in water.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    1998: Air Max Plus

    Splitting the Nike Air unit into different sections allowed us to fine-tune each one—a technology we called Tuned Air. The debut colorway took its look from tropical skies and swaying palms.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    2006: Air Max 360

    With the Air Max 360 shoe, we achieved our first no-foam design—it’s Max Air cushioning, and nothing but. This breakthrough would kick off a new era of Air Max technology.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    2015: Nike Air VaporMax

    With only a thin film separating your foot from the cushion, this shoe is the closest you can get to walking on air. Nike Air VaporMax is fast, flexible and impossible to miss.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    2018: Air Max 270

    That mighty heel unit—visible for a full 270°—makes it one of the boldest statements in the history of Air Max. A lightweight formfitting upper makes it one of the most comfortable.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day

    2019: Air Max 720

    The newest member of the Air Max family delivers pure energy, with a show-stopping look and a powerful bounce. It also features our tallest-ever Nike Air cushion... for now.

    Nike Air Max. Air Max Day