Nike Vaporfly 3

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Negro/Negro/Crudo/Oro metalizado con textura
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Atrápalos, si puedes. Los Nike Vaporfly 3, que te brindan la velocidad del día de la carrera para conquistar cualquier distancia, están hechos para los cazadores, los runners y los que tienen un ritmo tan elevado que no pueden rechazar la emoción de la persecución. Rediseñamos a los líderes del grupo de supertenis y afinamos el motor de la parte inferior para ayudarte a alcanzar tus mejores marcas personales, desde los 10 km hasta un maratón. Este caballo de batalla versátil para las carreras en carretera es para quienes ven la velocidad como un camino a más kilómetros y más alturas aparentemente inalcanzables, desde los runners de élite hasta los novatos.

  • Color que se muestra: Negro/Negro/Crudo/Oro metalizado con textura
  • Estilo: DV4129-001

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Evaluaciones (306)

4.4 Estrellas

  • Excelentes para competir

    jd.correa48 - 16 jul 2024

    Excelentes tenis para dia de carreras desde un 5km hasta 21m , mi recomendación es para ritmos rapidos

  • I love how they feel, I love wearing them. I’m just concerned about the quality & durability overall.

    YesirH190459330 - 07 jul 2024

    Here’s the Good and the Bad. On the good side, I just bought these about a month ago, finally got them and I loved them. They’re extremely light and very soft. However, my problem lies with the durability & lifetime of the product. For the price, you want the product to last you a decent amount of time especially for a running shoe. But I’m seeing bad signs 1 month in. I’ve ran maybe 20 miles in them over 1 month and there’s already tears and cracks in the sides of them like they’re peeling apart and it’s only been a month. This makes me concerned about how long they’ll really last me. I’ve previously had Vapormaxes and they’ve lasted me years with hardly any damages (until the air started escaping) but these are showing negative signs & damage 1 month in. Again, I love how they feel, I love wearing them. I’m just concerned about the quality & durability overall.

  • Incredible shoe; but durability lacks

    Camp233509446 - 01 jul 2024

    This is an incredible shoe. It is easily one of the best racers in the market. Although this is my first carbon plated road racing shoe, I’ve tried on and strides in others, and I love it. I’ve raced everything from 1600 (track) up to half marathon, and have set some great times, as well as using them for speed and endurance workouts on track and road. (17:30 cross country 5K, 1:18:36 half marathon are my biggest in the shoe). The carbon plate and ZoomX foam are a great and springy combo, and has the softness and lightness to keep you fresh through longer distances. My only complaint is the utterly terrible durability. Although they’re decent for a racer, they could be more durable, like the Alphafly. And speaking of the alphas, I do think they are a better shoe. The Alphafly 3’s are a great shoe with even more pop from the plate coupled with the zoom pods, for an even faster and snappier ride, and are 10x more durable and stable at high speeds and through corners.Although the vapors are great, they are second to the Alphafly 3’s in my books, although slightly lighter and cheaper. If you can spend an extra $25, go with the alphas. But none the less, they are an incredible racer, better than any other besides the Alphafly.