Shorts de 7,5 cm para mujer

Nike Pro

Materiales sustentables
Rojo espino/Blanco

Los shorts Nike Pro están confeccionados con tela elástica con soporte y con tecnología Dri-FIT que absorbe el sudor para mantenerte seca y cómoda durante tu entrenamiento.Este producto está fabricado con al menos un 50% de fibras de poliéster reciclado.

  • Color que se muestra: Rojo espino/Blanco
  • Estilo: CZ9857-615

Talla y ajuste

  • La persona de la fotografía usa talla S y mide 1,74 m
  • Ajuste ceñido que se adapta al cuerpo

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  • Envíos y devoluciones gratis para miembros de Nike.

Método de fabricación

  • El poliéster reciclado utilizado en los productos Nike procede de botellas de plástico recicladas que se limpian, se desmenuzan y se convierten en pellets. Luego, a partir de los pellets, se fabrica un hilo nuevo de alta calidad que se utiliza en nuestros productos para proporcionar un rendimiento óptimo con un menor impacto en el medio ambiente.
  • Además de reducir los desechos, el poliéster reciclado reduce las emisiones de carbono hasta en un 30% en comparación con el poliéster virgen. Nike recupera un promedio de 1000 millones de botellas de plástico anualmente de vertederos y canales.
  • Obtén más información sobre Move to Zero y conoce cómo estamos trabajando para crear productos de manera responsable y ayudar a proteger el medio ambiente en el que vivimos y jugamos.

Evaluaciones (25)

3.8 Estrellas

Purple Nike Pro

LeahB286946776 - 23 de marzo de 2021

I'd like to begin by saying I've always loved Nikes attention to detail, and the quality of there items. These spandex are extremely comfortable and move with you (they do ride up a little but that's expected). As one can imagine I was very disappointed to see that there was a loose sting and quite a big on at that on one of the seams, now these haven't had a lot of wear, I've probably worn them three times. I don't expect things to last forever but I am disappointed by how these turned out after a few wears.

Perfect For Curvy Ladies

Shay227 - 23 de marzo de 2021

Upon receiving these shorts I was unsure of how they would fit. They were marked with the correct size, but since they’re designed to be fitted they looked smaller than the xl (16-18) they were. Im curvy, and as a result, many shorts are hard to get the perfect fit. Well ladies, the search is over! I wore these doing basic exercises as well as intense with lots of movement to test them out. They are fitted and not too tight, but the best part is the band. There is no butt gap when squatting or doing anything. My stomach isn’t flat, so too much movement in other workout pieces result in my bottoms scrunching below the belly. Not these babies! I did a full 30 minute circuit and only pulled my shorts up once, and that was out of habit, and when I realized they hadn’t moved. I washed them in a regular washer and dried with my laundry as usual and Im happy to report they held up and did not shrink. These are shorts I highly recommend. And as a bonus, your butt will look amazing in them.

Producto recibido de forma gratuita o evaluado como parte de un sorteo o regalo.

Purple Nike Pro Shorts

LMI - 18 de marzo de 2021

I wore my new Nike pro shorts for the first time indoor cycling today. I absolutely love the purple color - it is so cute and goes great with gray, white and black tops or sports bra. The 3 inch length is perfect for exercise training shorts. I felt like they were the perfect combo of tight/loose, but they didn’t stay put. I kept having to pull the band up as well as pull the legs down. I wish there was a bit of stick to the design so I wasn’t constantly readjusting. I wish they had a bit more compression to make my butt look better too!

Producto recibido de forma gratuita o evaluado como parte de un sorteo o regalo.