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Kobe A.D.

Kobe A.D.

Lightweight Agility, Legendary Attack.

Kobe’s latest shoe honors his Mamba Mentality, which lives on through players who are committed to pushing their limits.

Kobe A.D.

Mamba mentality is a constant quest to find answers. It's that infinite curiosity to want to be better, to figure things out…you're not worried about the end result.

Kobe Bryant

Lightweight Support

Multi-layer mesh offers a lightweight, ultra-thin feel that’s strong and supportive.

Responsive Cushioning

Lunarlon foam combines with Nike Zoom Air to deliver soft, responsive cushioning that keeps you comfortable on the court.

Excellent Traction

Engineered tread provides ultimate traction to help you cut and move swiftly.

Behind the Design

Life After Basketball

"Kobe Bryant marked his retirement from basketball in 2016 with the Kobe A.D., signifying a year of growth and transformation for the 18-time All-Star. This year, he follows it up with a refreshed design dedicated to his ascendance post-basketball. We caught up with Senior Product Line Manager Tony Grosso and Senior Innovation Designer Ross Klein to get a glimpse behind the Kobe A.D. design process."

Hidden Support

Kobe's shoes have always emphasized performance. To bring exceptional support to the Kobe A.D., he was inspired by theme park animatronics, pushing to have performance features found subtly beneath the surface. “Originally we had Dynamic Flywire on top, so it looked really skeletal,” explains Grosso. “But Kobe was focused on having a hidden element of support. So we used Flywire for strength and added a synthetic top layer.”

Forefoot Movement

As a player, Kobe relied on a series of quick cuts, lateral movements and countermoves to catch defenders off-guard. The Kobe A.D. is meticulously designed to match the rapid acceleration he used to break down the game. “In the forefoot, there are micro-grooves that go all the way through,” says Grosso. “They allow your feet to splay, so the shoe can actually keep up with the movements of your foot.”