4 Styles of Women’s Nike Bike Shorts to Wear This Summer

Styling Tips

Wear these versatile bike shorts on or off the bike.

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Els millors pantalons curts de ciclisme per a dona

Even if you’re not a cyclist, bike shorts have become popular for running, yoga, CrossFit or just hanging out. The tight-fitting design makes them great for workouts where you’re going to be moving in all directions. No matter how you wear your Nike bike shorts, you’ll feel comfortable and supported by the smooth fabric and light compression.

What to Look for in Bike Shorts

When you’re purchasing bike shorts, you should decide the intended use. Here are a few considerations when buying bike shorts:

  • Fabric: If you plan to work out in your bike shorts, look for a sweat-wicking, breathable fabric like Nike’s DriFit technology. Stretchy materials like polyester, nylon and spandex allow you to move in comfort. You’ll also want to make sure they pass the squat test, meaning they don’t reveal skin or underwear when you bend over.

  • Design: Seamless shorts provide a sleek silhouette, while bike shorts with side pockets are more functional.

  • Length: Nike’s bike shorts come in a variety of inseams — from 3- to 10-inch lengths. Shorter bike shorts provide more breathability, while longer shorts help prevent chafing.

  • Rise: Nike has both mid- and high-rise bike shorts. High-rise shorts extend above the bellybutton and provide extra compression. Mid-rise shorts reach just below the bellybutton and are a comfortable option for people who don’t like too much pressure on their abdomen.

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The Best Nike Women’s Bike-Short Styles by Activity

1. Tight Running Shorts

Nike’s tight running shorts are designed to keep you cool and dry while you run, but they can double as everyday bike shorts, too. They come in multiple styles, but all are made from performance-oriented materials, like Nike Dri-FIT, and offer light compression so you feel secure during your workout.

Most of the bike-short-style running shorts are sleek and streamlined to minimize distractions — and chafing — on your run. However, the trail running shorts, which are made from a recycled polyester fabric, have eight pockets for snacks, gels and headphones if you’re going for longer distances.

2. Yoga Shorts

During yoga, you don’t want to have to worry about your clothes dangling or bunching up. Tight yoga shorts offer maximum security while allowing you to move freely. Nike’s Yoga Luxe Collection is made of stretchy Infinalon fabric that’s lightweight and breathable but never sheer. With a high-rise design and comfortable waistband, these bike shorts will become a staple in your wardrobe. They also come in warm, earthy tones or classic black.

Els millors pantalons curts de ciclisme per a dona

The Nike Yoga Luxe Shorts hug the body with a sculpting waistband in a high-rise, non-sheer design.

3. Lifestyle Bike Shorts

When you’re looking for bike shorts for everyday wear, you can prioritize style over function. However, you still want to consider comfort. Unless you live in a super-hot environment, cotton bike shorts can be a great option, or you could stick with a polyester blend if you want the sweat-wicking benefits.

When buying the best biker shorts for women, determine the length and rise of shorts you like. Then, you can add flair to your style with fun, patterned prints like the subtle dots of the Crater Lookout shorts or the bold graphics of the Nike Sportswear Essentials collection. Side pockets are useful for storing a phone or headphones if you want the same functionality of traditional shorts.

4. Training and Gym Shorts

The training category of bike shorts includes a variety of styles meant for all types of activities, from strength training to high-intensity interval training to sports. So these shorts are designed for quality performance no matter how quickly you’re moving or strenuously you’re lifting.

The Nike Pro Collection features bike shorts with a wide, elastic waistband and leg seam to help them stay in place as you move. They’re made with up to 50-percent recycled polyester and the Dri-FIT technology that wicks moisture so you can focus on your activity. The Nike One collection is made from Nike’s non-sheer performance fabric but also comes in fun colors and bold prints that are perfect for the CrossFit box.

Words by Hannah Singleton

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