Nike's Best Golf Trousers for Any Condition on the Course

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Great golf trousers offer durability, stretch and style on the course, while protecting against inclement weather. Check out Nike's top picks for golf trousers.

Last updated: 30 September 2022
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What are Nike’s Best Golf Trousers?

The best trousers for golf comfortably move with you without weighing you down, while also elevating the rest of your on-course look. When looking for a new pair of golf trousers, consider three main factors:

  1. Durability: trousers should be able to stand up to the rigour of 18 holes. Consider trousers made with high-quality and comfortable waistbands and pockets, plus materials that can keep the legs comfortable against the elements.
  2. Stretch: if trousers are too restrictive, they can actually cause lower-back pain. And, trousers that are too rigid or uncomfortable may keep golfers from being able to move their hips and legs properly for an effective swing.
  3. Style: since many golf courses have a dress code, style is important in this sport. Plus, your confidence can build when you're wearing apparel that makes you feel good. And having a positive mindset can have an impact on performance.

Finding the best Nike golf trousers depends on your needs—the fit and style you're looking for, as well as the conditions you'll be playing in. Here are Nike's top picks for golf trousers to help you find the best fit for your game.

For a Sleek, Athletic Look: Slim-Fit Nike Golf Trousers

These trousers offer a tailored fit that's not too slim or too baggy. And while denim isn't normally permitted on a golf course, Nike has slim-fit, denim-inspired golf trousers for men and women that are made to fit in on the course. This style can easily transition from the 18th hole to a post-round evening at a restaurant. And the trousers perform, too—they have multiple pockets and a stretchy fabric so you can move through your swing while looking sharp, plus a water-repellent finish to stay dry in wet weather.

For a Roomier Feel: Standard-Fit Nike Golf Trousers and Joggers

Many of Nike's golf trousers have a slight taper on the leg for an athletic and tailored look. For golfers who prefer trousers to be a little roomier, look for standard-fit golf trousers, like the Nike Flex style for men. They're a little more forgiving in the thighs and rear, and the taper of the trousers goes over the tongue of your golf shoe, rather than behind it. They're still sharp, and as the name suggests, stretchy, flexible and include Dri-FIT Technology to wick sweat away from the legs on a hot day. On the women's side, the Nike Dri-FIT UV Victory Golf Joggers have a relaxed, easy feel, and the cuffed ankle hems and subtle gingham design elevates the joggers. These trousers are functional and practical, with mesh-lined pockets to stash tees and a scorecard, and these joggers feature Nike Dri-FIT Technology, too.

For Playing in the Heat: Nike Dri-FIT Golf Trousers

Golf performance (not to mention enjoyment) is all about controlling emotions. And keeping the body cool may help keep the mind cool, too.

Nike Dri-FIT trousers are designed to draw sweat away from the body to keep cool, dispersing moisture across the surface of the fabric to evaporate faster. Trouser styles made with Nike Dri-FIT Technology come in both slim-fit and standard-fit, so find what's going to feel most comfortable and what will pair best with the golf top of your choice.

For Rainy or Cold Conditions: Nike Storm-FIT and Nike Therma-FIT

A little wind or rain shouldn't ruin a round of golf. Both Nike Storm-FIT and Nike Therma-FIT golf trousers are designed with water-repellent fabric that is still soft, stretchy and breathable, enabling you to stay warm and dry. Nike Storm-FIT trousers, for example, offer a windproof and waterproof fabric that's fully seam-sealed so you can move freely while you stay dry. And neither trousers are bulky, so you can stay warm and dry while maintaining a classy, athletic profile that can work on the course or for post-round socialising.

For a New Look on the Course: NOCTA Golf Trousers

For a different take on the classic style of golf trousers, check out the NOCTA Golf trousers, part of Drake's sub-label with Nike that's a testament to the musician's love of the game from his childhood. The entire NOCTA Golf collection consists of apparel and accessories that elevate traditional golf silhouettes, and adapt from the course to the road. The NOCTA trousers include zipped side vents to keep you cool when the weather's not, and the soft, elastic waistband with drawcord feels comfortable on the skin and lets you cinch up for the perfect fit.

Words by: Greg Presto

Originally published: 6 April 2022

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