What to wear to an ice hockey game

Styling tips

Here's how to pull up to the arena in style.

Last updated: 11 April 2024
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What to wear to an ice hockey game: 5 outfit ideas

Headed to the ice rink? Forget sliding your feet into a pair of ice skates—sneakers will work just fine. All jokes aside, narrowing down what to wear to an ice hockey game, whether you're rooting for your favourite team or just going for vibes, is about balancing style and comfort. Frosty ice rinks call for donning winter-friendly accessories, warm layers and long sleeves to enjoy the game, chill-free.

Even if it's your first time seeing a Zamboni in person, you can sport an ice hockey jersey to cheer on the team. But if you're eager to spotlight your personal style, you can create an unexpected look, drawing inspiration from team colours or the ice itself. If the ice hockey game in question is a special occasion, say a date night or something new to do with a friend, you can't go wrong incorporating staples like a crop top with cargo trousers and a standout pair of sneakers.

Ahead, here are five ideas for what to wear to an ice hockey game this season.

Date night at an ice hockey game

What to wear to an ice hockey game: 5 outfit ideas

Date night doesn't have to be dressed up—let your outfit exude your sporty side. Dress the part with a mix of athletic pieces that ooze cool, no matter how much hot chocolate you enjoy during the game. What to wear to an ice hockey game for women, whether on a first date or out with a long-time partner, can still align with your personal style. Stick to a chilly colour palette (you're in a wintry setting after all) and layer a crop top under an insulating jacket to help keep warm.

Rep your favourite team

What to wear to an ice hockey game: 5 outfit ideas

If you're headed to the ice hockey rink to cheer on your favourite team, make sure you have a jersey handy to show off your pride. A long-sleeve top worn underneath will add extra protection from cool draughts, and cosy joggers will help keep your bottom half warm while sitting on a chilly metal bench. As for what to wear to an ice hockey game when it comes to shoes, if you have sneakers that coordinate with your favourite team colours, lean into them. Otherwise, go for a simple neutral combo like classic black and white.

Girls' night out

What to wear to an ice hockey game: 5 outfit ideas

Game night is for the girls. But seriously, the intensity of the game is sure to inspire fun conversation in your group, whether you and your friends are lifelong fans of ice hockey or new spectators. When deciding what to wear to an ice hockey game with your pals, use the visit to the rink as an opportunity to test out a few cute and cosy pieces for the winter months. A maxi skirt (optional leggings underneath for extra warmth) with a long-sleeve crop top and comfy gilet is a combination that's a bit outside the box, in a good way. A pair of crew socks will help keep your feet nice and toasty while colourful Cortez sneakers add a fun finishing touch to the overall look.

Casual game night

What to wear to an ice hockey game: 5 outfit ideas

Pick up some cheap tickets to a last-minute weeknight game and spend the evening enjoying the game solo or with a friend or coworker. When you're coming from work or errands, keep what to wear to an ice hockey game simple. Construct an ensemble that focuses on cosy pieces that enable you to enjoy the night without getting uncomfortably cold in the arena. A colour-coordinated pair of tracksuit bottoms with a sweatshirt in a neutral hue, like brown, achieves a put-together outfit without much effort or thought—optimal for last-minute plans. Add a soft knit beanie and a pair of vintage-style Nike Dunks to shake up an otherwise monochromatic look.

Comfort on the stands

What to wear to an ice hockey game: 5 outfit ideas

Not every ice hockey game you're a spectator at will be at the collegiate or professional level. If you're going to watch a friend or family member step out onto the ice, a casual outfit is all you need while watching them hit the puck.

Never underestimate the power of a cosy fleece when picking out what to wear to an ice hockey game. Layered on top of a long-sleeve cotton T-shirt, a fleece gives you the warmth you need to enjoy the game from the stands. Swap out your go-to sneakers for a pair of slip-on ACG Moc shoes that get their original name, the Air Ida, for their resemblance to the humble Idaho potato.

Words by Aemilia Madden

Originally published: 3 October 2023

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