The Best Nike Golf Bags for Women

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Find a Nike golf bag to help carry your clubs with confidence and comfort.

Last updated: 31 August 2022
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The Best Nike Golf Bags for Women

Investing in a high-quality golf bag can support your golf game. It can alleviate strain on your shoulders as you walk the course, while keeping your clubs, balls, tees and other accessories organised from one round to the next.

The best women's golf bags from Nike come in a variety of sizes, weights, material and styles. Check out this guide to find the best fit for you.

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First, Choose a Golf-Bag Style

Are you a golfer who walks the course or likes to ride in a golf buggy? Depending on how you plan to get around the course, there are two main types of bags that may fit your style of play.

  1. For walking the course: A carry bag, also known as a stand bag, tends to be lightweight and feature straps that allow you to carry the bag over one shoulder. Other styles with two padded straps will slip over your shoulders like a backpack. These usually have a stand attached. The legs kick out so you can stand the clubs before every shot without worrying they'll tip over.
  2. For riding in the buggy: A cart bag can be strapped onto the back of a buggy. It can also be placed on a trolley if you prefer to walk but don't want to carry the bag.

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The 4 Best Nike Golf Bags for Women

  1. 1.Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag

    The Best Nike Golf Bags for Women

    This golf bag is lightweight but sturdy enough to support golfers who plan to walk the course. The Nike Equaflex dual strap is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the bag across the shoulders and lower back to make carrying easy and comfortable.

    The pop-out stand allows you to slip off the bag and firmly set the clubs down between shots. To keep the clubs from getting tangled at the bottom of the bag, a five-way divider system keeps the woods and irons organised in their own slots.

    And in the event of inclement weather, a rain hood helps keep the clubs dry. There's also a fleece-lined pocket that can keep valuables like jewellery, wallets and mobile phones protected from the elements. And you'll find an insulated pocket to keep food and drinks cold while you play.

  2. 2.Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag

    The Best Nike Golf Bags for Women

    If you like to walk some days but take the buggy on others, check out the Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag. This bag is designed to combine the best features of stand and cart bags.

    For example, the detachable Nike Equaflex Max Air dual strap provides a balanced feel while carrying. If you're riding in a buggy, the bag also features a strap that you can attach to the buggy. A 14-way, full-length divider helps organise your clubs in a way that works for you. And this bag comes with a rain hood and insulated pockets.

  3. 3.Nike Air Sport Golf Bag

    The Best Nike Golf Bags for Women

    With its adjustable straps and pop-out stand, this golf bag is a good fit for walkers. It features a four-way, full-length divider system for clubs and convenient storage options, including a large pocket to store apparel or other accessories.

    The ball pocket has a zip-off panel, so you can customise the look and store tees or golf gloves. Side webbing provides convenient storage for other accessories. And like the others, this bag comes with a rain hood.

  4. 4.Nike Performance Cart Golf Bag

    The Best Nike Golf Bags for Women

    With the widest range of colour options available among Nike golf bags, this bag makes a statement on the course. The durable, lightweight design features a single padded strap with a strap-through design to make it convenient to attach to the golf buggy. The handle at the top of the bag allows for an easier upright lift as you place the bag onto the buggy.

    Like the Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag, this bag has a 14-way, full-length divider for keeping clubs organised. The water-resistant rain hood can be pulled out to cover the clubs in wet weather.

    Pocket perks: The bigger pockets down the sides can hold gear, snacks and more. The pockets at the base of the bag can hold balls, tees, gloves and divot tools. Plus, an insulated pocket helps keep food and beverages cold.

Words by Sylvia Mendoza

Originally published: 26 August 2022

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