The Best Nike Bags for Basketball Gear

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Stay organised all season long with these Nike duffel bags and backpacks designed for basketball players.

Last updated: 30 September 2022
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The Best Nike Bags for Basketball Gear

From being on a travel basketball team with multiple uniforms to needing your grab-and-go gear for a quick, casual game, the best basketball bag for you will depend on how you train and the type of games you're playing.

No matter what your style is, Nike has a range of basketball bags to keep your gear organised and easy to carry. Use this guide to find a new bag for basketball.

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The Best Nike Basketball Bags

  1. 1.For Elite-Level Play (and Storage): Nike Elite Basketball Duffel

    The Best Nike Bags for Basketball Gear

    If you need a bag that can carry it all, go for a medium or large training duffel (about 50 litres of storage or more) to efficiently pack up your gear and keep it all in one place.

    The Nike Elite Basketball Duffel, for example, features a large main compartment—big enough for a full-size basketball—plus a ventilated shoe area and an extra internal pocket. The duffel has carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap equipped with Max Air units for added cushioning.

  2. 2.For All-Day Versatility: Nike Basketball Backpacks

    The Best Nike Bags for Basketball Gear

    Nike basketball backpacks are smaller than the duffel bags—typically fitting between 25 and 32 litres of storage for an adult's bag and 16 to 20 litres for a kid's bag—and they feature patterns inspired by top Nike professional athletes.

    For comfort, look for backpacks that include features such as Nike Air padding on the straps to help you stay comfortable when the bag is loaded up, separate compartments for basketball shoes, and foil-lined compartments to keep beverages cold.

    The Nike Hoops Elite Pro Printed Basketball Backpack sports all of these features, plus a sternum strap to distribute the load and a padded internal sleeve to store a laptop. These features make this bag well-suited for everyday use, especially if you tend to head to the gym after a school or work day.

  3. 3.For Travelling Light: Nike Drawstring Bags

    The Best Nike Bags for Basketball Gear

    For basketball players heading to the park or gym for a pick-up game or when you want to head to the court game-ready. For lightweight storage, where all you need is a bag that can fit small essentials like your phone, keys and water bottle.

    Nike drawstring bags are great for these occasions—they're often big enough to carry a basketball but small enough to sling on your shoulder when you don't have a lot to carry. Some drawstring bags feature a zipped inner pocket to keep your phone and keys secure and easy to access.

  4. 4.For Keeping Kicks Fresh: Nike Shoe Bags

    The Best Nike Bags for Basketball Gear

    When you've invested in top-quality basketball shoes for game day, you want them to stay in pristine condition for as long as possible. Nike shoe bags help keep your kicks separate from other basketball gear to reduce the risk of scuffing. The tough exterior of the bags also keep the shoes from getting squashed and misshapen.

    Some bags are designed to look like the classic Nike orange shoe box, while others feature a simpler, more low-key design.

Words by Greg Presto

Originally published: 30 September 2022

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